Books on my Radar (December 2016)

Every month has a glut of books that look awesome and that I know — I know — I will never get around to reading, whether or not I have a copy. But that doesn’t mean they’re not worth highlighting. So here’s a look at the books coming out in December 2016 that have caught my attention.

(Note – This is not a comprehensive list of all SFF books being released in this month. This is just a list of the ones that I have my eye on, for whatever reason.)

December 2016 SFF books

Tempest, edited by Mercedes Lackey / B&N
December 06

The Nature of a Pirate, by A M Dellamonica / B&N
December 06

…Huh. Well, that was a shorter list than I expected. Now, that’s not to say there are no other books coming out in December that I’d want to read. It’s just that, evidently, only 2 of them have really caught my eye.

Well, I guess that gives me more time to read SPFBO stuff without feeling guilty, then!

2 comments on “Books on my Radar (December 2016)

  1. December is a light publishing month, I guess! I like to go back and read books I missed earlier in the year. But Dellamonica’s series is one I’d love to start. Is this book three already?

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