Announcing Quadnines!

I mentioned previously that I was starting up a YouTube channel for video game stuff. As much as that plan was delayed (mostly by my own fears and insecurities), I finally took the plunge and got things going. Welcome to the beginning of Quadnines.


So far I only have a few Let’s Play videos, so I’ll be honest; there isn’t a whole lot to see. But there will be more. More gameplay and reaction videos, and eventually full-out reviews (with my face on camera and everything)!

I won’t spam this blog with notifications about new videos (I make a small post on Twitter, but most of the notifications come from a separate Twitter feed and Tumblr, or on my personal Facebook page), but I just wanted to share this so that people know it exists, and if anyone wants to support me in this endeavour, that’d be awesome. I don’t aim to be one of the greats of YouTube gaming, but I do play and awful lot of video games, and similarly to how I first felt about starting a book review blog, I figure there’s no reason not to share some of my thoughts and opinions, both during the play and afterward.

Gameplay videos should be going up just about every weekday, and I’m not currently sure what the review schedule will be since I still have a couple of kinks to work out, but I’m tentatively expecting a full review every couple of weeks, once I start.

So for the moment, if you want to watch some videos featuring a very surreal and trippy experience from a Japan-only game called LSD Dream Emulator (it’s exactly what you’d expect from the title), come on by the channel and take a look at what’s there currently! Otherwise, keep on keeping on.

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