So Going on Hiatus Right Now

I’ve been pushing myself these past few weeks to keep up my regular posting schedule, but in truth, that’s a little beyond me at the moment. I’ve been battling a cold now for, oh, about a month, and the heat and humidity have been so murderous around here for most of that time that every time I think I’m getting better, I get about a day or two of respite before I’m knocked flat on my butt again, wanting to do nothing but lie on the floor (because it’s the only part of the house that’s kind of cool that doesn’t involve me living in the basement) and staring vacantly at the ceiling. I’ve spent entire nights watching and rewatching YouTube videos because eh, I can’t be bothered to expend the energy to do anything else. Standing up to wash a small load of dishes is draining. Vacuuming for 10 minutes left me way more sweaty than moving slowly and pushing a light sucking-machine really ought to have. At any given moment, I feel tired, nauseous, and the heat of the day isn’t letting me get much restful sleep. I’ve been living on meal replacement drinks, with bits and pieces of solid food every now and then, because the heat has killed my appetite, which leads to even less energy because I’m not getting decent nutrition…

I’m just worn down, and I need to discharge a responsibility or two so that I can get back on my feet again.

So I’m putting this blog on hiatus until August is over. That’s about 2 weeks, and if I haven’t recovered enough to resume blogging by then, there’s a more serious problem than the heat and the flu-that-never-ends. (Yes, it goes on and on my friends…)

I’ll still hang around on Twitter and Facebook and I’ll still post the winners of the two giveaways I announced yesterday morning. But any more content than that will have to wait for a little while, until I’ve recharged my batteries a little.

Thanks for your patience, folks! I’ll be back in a couple of weeks, hopefully with some awesome new zest for bookblogging! See you on September 1st!

8 comments on “So Going on Hiatus Right Now

  1. I think that, under the circumstances, taking a break is the best possible idea for you right now. Take care of yourself, nurse yourself back to good health, and I hope the weather becomes more reasonable soon! We’ll be here whenever you get back. :)

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