Announcing a writing contest for SFF micro fiction

Amid the Imaginary is holding a contest for SFF-related micro fiction, 500 words or less, geared to self-published authors.

Why am I announcing this here? Because if you hop on over to the page and scroll to the bottom to the list of judges, you might just see a familiar name in the mix.

Also because I’m participating in the Self-Published Fantasy Blog-Off, and I know that has gained me a few self-published authors as regular or semi-regular readers of my blog, and I figured there’d be a few people reading this that may want to get their submission in before the deadline.


1. Must have at least one self-published book (please provide a link in your e-mail)

2. Must be a subscriber to the Amid the Imaginary newsletter published through Fine Fables Press

3. Story must be 500 words or less and in one of the genres of the blog (Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Paranormal, Dystopian, Steampunk)

4. One entry per person and once submitted the entrant cannot resubmit

5. Story format can be in PDF or Word

DEADLINE to submit: Noon, 12:00 pm (U.S. Central Standard Time) on Saturday, August 22nd. No exceptions.

Email your submission to, Subject: Writing Contest Submission

A full list of rules and prizes can be seen on Amid the Imaginary, so head on over and see if this contest is one you’d be interested in submitting something to.

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