Back in the saddle

I apologize for the lack of posts here these past few weeks. I’d love to come forward with some excuse about being busy or whatnot, but the truth is that I just fell into a bit of a reading slump and didn’t get anything done worth talking about. To date this month, I’ve only finished 2 novels. Well, and 3 graphic novels, but since they’re not ones I’ll be reviewing, they don’t really count toward anything that could create content here. Hence the lack of posts.

But the slump seems to be over, and I’m right back in the reading groove. I guess sometimes it just takes having a break and letting yourself focus on something else to give you that little pick-me-up we all sometimes need.

I know that nobody here expects me to stick to some post schedule or anything, since I don’t really have a formal one. I just post whenever I have something to post. It’s more notable when I do post than when I don’t, I think, so days when nothing new happens here isn’t really that big a deal. But when I go weeks with barely a review, I get disappointed in myself. I set my own pace, and when I can’t keep up with the goals I set for myself, I feel like a failure, like I’ve done something wrong.

Even when I’m only answering to myself and I’m probably the only one who feels the lack of posts. I just feel guilty, like I screwed up. And that creates a horrible feedback cycle where sometimes I feel like posting again will draw attention to the fact that I haven’t posted for a while, so I delay that moment, and delaying makes it all worse…

That’s killed blogs I’ve attempted in the past. Hell, it’s killed personal blogs where all I talk about are the stupid things my cats do and what I cooked for supper, posts that only friends have anything resembling an interest in. And they sure don’t judge me harshly for a lack of posting!

Thankfully, I didn’t fall into that trap this time. It’s been a close call a few times here, but I overcame it then, and I overcame it again this time. It helps that the reading slump ended and I’ve been diving back into books and I’ve had things worth talking about again. That always helps.

So yeah, my apologies on the relative lack of content, and my assurances that it will improve again from here on.

4 comments on “Back in the saddle

  1. I think reading slumps are natural, like yawns or nose bleeds. No need to be harsh on yourself. I too don’t worry about schedules for my blog. I just post what I like when I like. Sometimes it is simply a bunch of books with my cats sleeping on them. It’s amazing how many cat lovers will turn up among your followers when you do that.

  2. Honestly, I’ve enjoyed reading the content you’ve had on your blog the last few weeks, even if they’re not all reviews, so don’t think you’re slumping. Don’t be so hard on yourself :D Life gets stressful enough, and like you said, sometimes a little break from things can be quite refreshing and you can jump back in with renewed energy.

  3. It’s easy to fall out of the groove (I THINK I’m back into it). I can stumble with it when I change when I’m going to blog, or how – er… basically anything can upset the delicate balance of self-pressure and interest that leads to blogging. :-)

  4. No need to apologize, but I completely get that feeling that should be doing more. I definitely have weeks/months were I just don’t have or don’t find the time to do as much as other months. Just keep in mind we’ll be here when you do post, but no need to ever feel the need to do more than you enjoy (or have the time for) doing.

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