March in Retrospect

Holy crap, March is over! First it seemed like it would never get here, now it seems a bit like I blinked and a whole month vanished.

On a personal note, I’m settling into the new house decently, the snow has stopped burying me quite so much (and I’ve mostly dug my way out, with the exception of the back path that was nice and clear until a snowblower went by on the street and buried my path under chunks of ice again…), and the weather’s warming up nicely. Every Saturday this town has a farmer’s market, so then I take a walk and get most of that week’s groceries, and even though things are still cold I’m able to get local meat, eggs, and vegetables. And a local apple cider that’s so delicious, we’ve bought a 2 litre bottle each week so far, and we’ll probably continue to do so for as long as the orchard sells it! The main shopping area is only about 45 minute’s walk away, so it’s doable on nice days. I’m cooking more. I’m reading more. I’m getting read to reopen my Etsy shop and start selling my handmade things again.

In other words, life is pretty darn good right now.

But enough of the personal stuff! Let’s see what happened this past month on the blog, in all its bookish glory!


Grimm Mistresses, edited by Amanda Shore
Flex, by Ferrett Steinmetz
The Doll Collection, edited by Ellen Datlow
Touch, by Claire North
The Thorn of Dentonhill, by Marshall Ryan Maresca
Harrison Squared, by Daryl Gregory
The Dickens Mirror, by Ilsa J Bick
Beasts of Tabat, by Cat Rambo
Voyage of the Basilisk, by Marie Brennan

The first review I did for the SPFBO was Son of a Dark Wizard, by Sean Patrick Hannifin.

I normally aim to read and review 8 books in a month (though they may not be the same books). In March, I read and reviewed 10 books, which I’m pretty darn happy about!

Other stuff

I embarked on a new challenge, thanks to Mark Lawrence setting up the Self-Published Fantasy Blog-Off, and I talked about my first impressions of the batch of books I was assigned. I also set up a separate page to keep track of my progress and posts about those books.

I revisited my On the Watchlist feature to highlight some books that I have my eye on.


April’s shaping up to be a good blogging month too. I’m aiming for my usual 8 reviews, though if March is any indication, I may end up doing more. I’m aiming for a couple of guest posts and/or interviews, with some luck, so there’ll be more than just review here. The Self-Published Fantasy Blog-Off will continue, with more reviews and commentary on the books that are a part of it. Being lucky enough to not have to seek employment is doing wonders for my reading and my ability to keep this blog in good form, and I’m very much enjoying that luxury and don’t want to waste it, so more good content is on its way!

How was your March? Full of snow like mine, or milder with an actual hint of spring in the air?

8 comments on “March in Retrospect

  1. Oh you are making me thirsty talking about that cider! I also aim for eight books read and reviewed a month. It’s really hard to do more than that with a full time job and kids, so I always feel good when I read eight books:-) Hope you have a wonderful April!

  2. Yep – 8 seems to be a good number – I usually aim for about that too. Depends on the length of the book I suppose, if I was to read some huge chunksters that would reduce!
    I bought Grimm Mistresses after I caught Nathan’s review.
    Flex I loved.
    I didn’t know Bick had something new out I must check that out.
    Lynn :D

  3. Holy crap is right!! My March was great for reading, even if this past week has been so slow I haven’t even read one fifth of a book :) And April looks to be amazing. See you are reading Grace of Kings now, so am I! Cant wait to see your review of it.

  4. Yay spring. Sounds like life is good! Impressed by your 8 a week goal too… Somehow I hadn’t realised you posed that much. I tend to aim for 1 a week, and even that’s pretty hard most of the time!

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