Half a decade of books!

As of today, Bibliotropic is 5 years old!

Before I wish myself a happy blog-birthday, I would like to take a moment to let it sink in that I’ve been running a book review blog for half a decade now. Which is approximately 16% of my life, give or take a few decimal points. I’ve been running this blog for longer than I’ve had my current address. The name may have changed, the URL updated, I may have taken a hiatus when my health went to pot, but it’s still stayed alive, and I’m still here.

5 years. If my blog were a person, it might have already started school. It would be over 3 feet tall and weigh more than my heaviest 2 cats put together.

So, now that I’m done putting my blog’s age into weird perspective, happy birthday to me!

I am the king of MS Paint banners!

And what’s a birthday celebration without presents? My hobbity nature requires me to offer a present to all the readers who have kept coming back over the years, to show my love for you and your continuing support. So, how does a $25 Amazon.com gift card sound?

Good? Good, because that’s what I’m offering!

~ Comment on this post to enter (remember to leave some form of contact info in case you win)
~ 1 entry per person
~ Open internationally!
~ Contest closes at 11:59 PM, PST, on Sunday January 11, 2015
~ Winner will be announced and contacted on Monday January 12, and will have 24 hours to respond with an email address I can send the gift card code to.

Thanks to everyone for reading what I write, for commenting, here and on Twitter and Facebook, for being supportive over the years, and for just being the awesome people you are!

5 years!

31 comments on “Half a decade of books!

  1. Happy blogday anniversary! 5 years is a long time indeed, and those five were well spent! Hope to see many more coming!

  2. Having just started my own blog (after spending too long wishing and dreaming about it) I hope to make this milestone myself one day!! Such a wonderful and amazing commitment to your love of books.

    Because that is really what it is all about, sharing your passion and love of books and the written word with other people.

    I look forward to your next five years of book heaven!

  3. Many happy returns (my mum’s standard birthday card greeting). Thanks for doing what you do. I’d like to buy all bloggers a cup of coffee. Except that would be weird, and possibly labour-intensive.

  4. Five years had better just be the start of a long blogging career, because I’m a selfish person who wants to see the things that she likes live on into eternity. :) And the longer you’re blogging, the more fans and attention you’ll get, which is exactly what you should have!

  5. A very happy blog birthday to you! I didn’t realise our blog birthdays were so close together (and both 5 years too!)

    Here’s to another 5 years of book love! *clicks glass*

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