2014 Year-End Review

What a year 2014 has been! Lost my job, got a new one! Fell down a flight of stairs and had to take a month off after only having been there for a month, still get to keep the new job because it’s an awesome company. Read almost 100 books (97, to be exact), and reviewed almost that many as I went along. Projects have started and ended, come and gone, but I’ve stuck around to see this thing through to the end of 2014.

Just as I plan to do in 2015.

So what went right on my blog this past year? Well, let’s take a look at the top 10 most popular posts that I wrote in 2014!

1) GUEST POST: Django Wexler’s most anticipated books of 2015
2) The Three-Body Problem, by Liu Cixin
3) Top 7 Sci-Fi/Speculative Novels I Read in 2014
4) Why I Selfishly Want Gender Diversity in my Reading
5) Child of a Hidden Sea, by A M Dellamonica
6) Top 5 Urban Fantasy Novels I Read in 2014
7) Afterparty, by Daryl Gregory
8) Top 5 Fantasy Novels I Read in 2014
9) GUEST POST: Lian Hearn on Blackguards
10) The Reviewer’s Dilemma: Did I Miss Something?

There were a few other posts that did very well this past year that were written in 2013 and before, so clearly some things I write can stand the test of time, and I consider that very encouraging.

I do want to up my game a bit in the new year. For all I’ve been around for almost half a decade now, I’m still small potatoes in the world of bookblogging. I look at people who started doing this after I did and see them soar so much higher and yes, I get a bit jealous, wondering how they managed to do what I didn’t. And that jealous and expansive part of me wants to do a bit of what they did, to keep growing the blog and its reach and influence. So that’s going to be a bit of a focus in 2015. More community interaction. More spreading the word about what I post. More trying to post things that I think people will actually want to read. Not necessarily more posts, but more relevent posts, posts of higher quality.

As I’ve started already, I’m also going to be adding the occasional movie and video game review to my post schedule here, since those are both aspects of geek culture that I enjoy immensely. So those reviews will bring a little bit of needed diversity to Bibliotropic, or so I hope.

I’m also aiming to read 100 books in 2015. I struggled a bit to get to my original goal of 90 for this year, then surpassed it as I settled into a comfortable reading groove once I started my new job. I know that this year will also bring many changes to my life, some of which will leave me with additional time on my hands, and I can fill that time with books.

See, about halfway through 2015, or maybe a little later, I’ll be moving. The Awesome Roommate has had a job offer in Prince Edward Island, and so we’re making plans to go there once things here have been settled. I’ll be visiting my family in England first, in late April (which I’ll be making use of my new job’s ravel benefits for, and flying standby will mean plenty of time in airports to get some reading done), and then it’ll be a matter of packing up whatever’s left here and arranging for me to follow to PEI, where TAR will have already moved and settled and found us a place to live. This will result in more free time for me since I won’t have a job lined up for me when I arrive, so I’ll be back to the usual job hunt at that point. TAR is fine with this, as her income will be about double the most we’ve ever made together in the past, and will be more than enough to cover expenses until I can find employment again. But as much as people say that finding a new job should be a full-time job in itself, realistically, there are only so many jobs hiring and it only takes so long a day to comb through listings and send new resumes and emails, and that time doesn’t equal 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. So, reading time until job time.

Might be one of the few times that moving somewhere new has given a person more time to themselves…

I’m looking forward to the move. Honestly, the city I’m in right now doesn’t hold anything for me. I have no family here, few friends, and a load of bad memories. Thanks to spending so much time being sick, I have bad associations of simple mundane things, like walking along a certain street when it’s cold. I think that moving will allow me to leave a lot of the crap behind and allow me to focus on forging ahead without as much baggage weighing me down. Not “no baggage.” Just not as much as before. There are some things I’ll miss here, but very few, and very few of those are things I won’t be able to replace in PEI anyway. So when you get right down to it, I’m looking forward to what moving will bring me, even if I do have to leave a couple of things behind.

This is why I’m hoping that 2015 will, on the whole, be a good year for me. Moving to a new city, getting to travel back to the UK to visit my family, and the promise of some awesome books being released is making me really look forward to being able to flip that calendar page tonight!

Here’s to a great new year of reading books, writing about books, and general bookish geeky things!

3 comments on “2014 Year-End Review

  1. 2015 sounds like it’ll be a great year for you–very eventful, and hopefully in a good way. I do think that adding more media reviews is a good plan, and I look forward to another year of news and reviews from you! :D

  2. Ugh, I’m so sorry again at such a rough year, but I’m glad that 2015 is looking good! So you’re going to be leaving the travel agency it sounds like? Thanks for reminding me to go look at what posts were most popular for me this past year, I keep meaning to and forgetting, ha. I am very excited to read all the new content in 2015!

    • Yeah, I’ll be leaving the airline I work for. Which is a shame, because the company’s great and the benefits are utterly amazing, but unless they can offer me some sort of work-from-home position, I won’t really have much choice. Ah well, such is life.

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