New additions to Bibliotropic

The name of this blog implies books. Lots of lots of books. Which, honestly, is pretty much fine by me, because books are what I love and I’m happy to talk about them.

But sometimes I think that this blog has grown a little, well, stale. That it wouldn’t hurt to add something new to the mix. And there are a few ideas I’ve been tossing back and forth for a little while now, things I’ve wanted to do for a while but haven’t implemented yet because doing so would either mean starting up a new blog or else making this blog not solely related to books, thus sullying the, er, good name? I dunno, chalk it up to mild OCD, maybe, me not wanting to advance due to the confines implied by a name…

Either way, I’m curious to see what other people think on the matter. Thus, this post, asking for opinions.

I have the following ideas in mind:

~ Reviews of SFF-related manga (Manga Mondays)
~ Reviews of SFF and horror movies (Videotropic)
~ Reviews of SFF-related video games (no fancy name ideas yet)

Or something else entirely! I dunno, is there anything you’ve ever wanted to see me or this blog tackle that’s related to SFF?

Either way, I’d love to know what you think. Leave a comment, and maybe the opinions of others will help me settle on what to do to breathe some new life into this blog.

5 comments on “New additions to Bibliotropic

  1. I would like to see in depth looks comparing the current state of Country music to the political landscape of the 1820’s; emphasis on the rise of electric guitars and expansionist policies.

    Or maybe a few video game reviews.

    • Ooh, this could allow me to further advance my theory that UFO coverup stories are related to large disconnects between the public and the popular music of the time!

  2. I think I should really start trying fantasy manga. What is better than a book about dragons? A book about dragons with PICTURES! So yes, I like this plan :D Also the video game posts! Especially if you play free-to-download games ever >.> because I’m poor, ha.

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