Bruisy brain update

I mentioned a couple of weeks back that I took a tumble and gave myself a wonderful concussion. I’ve been off work since then, and will remain so until at least October 31, though I have an appointment again with my doctor on October 30 to see if I’m actually read to go back to work.

Progress has been… weird.

I’ve worked my way up to using my computer for about 30 minutes 3 times a day without adverse effects, or a little over an hour straight, which sounds great until you consider that my job involves sitting under fluorescent lights and using a computer for around 8 hours a day with 3 short breaks between. So even though I’ve made improvement in that regard, I’m not sure I’m back to “back to work” standards, so we’ll see where that goes.

But at least I can use it, so even if reviews take me a few sittings to write, I can at least still write them. And having to do so is giving me good incentive to retrain my brain and get it used to computers again.

Watching TV makes me dizzy. It’s a weird feeling. Like being motion sick. Too many moving images on the screen and I think my brain has trouble figuring out which ones to pay attention to. So TV hasn’t been a big factor in my life lately.

Video games? HAHAHAHAHAHA no.

Reading has been pretty good, though. No idea why, but so long as I’m reading a hardcopy of a book or on a non-backlit e-reader, I don’t have as many problems. I don’t know if it’s the lack of shininess or light or how the eyes and mind process the two media differently, but at least I haven’t been deprived of books, and when I can’t do much else during the day, they’re good company.

I can still embroider and sew so long as I’m not working from some complicated pattern that requires me to check pages every few stitches or something. Haven’t been doing much, though, because just as I like to keep my hands busy while I watch TV, I like to keep my eyes busy while I sew, and I can’t stay focused on sewing for too long without that in the background.

So progress is indeed being made. And my workplace is being utterly amazing about it all, too, telling me not to rush things, that they’ve dealt with employees who’ve had concussions before, to take my time and make sure I’m ready to come back because coming back too soon will just set me back even further than if I’d just waited a little longer. So while finances are a little tight, I’m not in danger of losing my job or anything, and that’s a huge load off my mind while my mind tries to get back into a non-bruised shape.

Concussions are weird. I mean, one of the things that isn’t uncommon is insomnia, so I spent the first week being exhausted during the day but sleeping fitfully at night. And the first night, I had a messed-up dream about Adam Lambert being an anthropomorphic mongoose, singing For Your Entertainment while a flock of mint-green-and-white seagulls the size of my largest cat provide an aerial show. I’m somewhat known among my friends for having trippy dreams, but that one’s special even for me!

Yeah. Anyway, here’s hoping my bruisy brain gets better soon so that I can return to work, but in the meantime, I’ll at least be able to make some better headway on my To Read pile.


3 comments on “Bruisy brain update

  1. Oh jeez, I had no idea! Take good care. Very glad you can at least read because without that… well, for me anyway, that path begins with ennui and meanders through misanthropy and ends in nowhere good.

    Thinkin’ of ya!

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