Time for a mini-break.

You wouldn’t believe how much reading I managed to not get done this past week. It’s funny, but unemployment spoiled me a little, when it came to reading. I had entire days in which I had nothing to do but read. Now that I’m back at work, I have considerably less spare time, and I feel like I’ve barely been reading at all.

I keep wondering how I managed to read so much last time I worked. I mean, I still managed to read  8 books a month while working full time. Surelythat much couldn’t have changed! Now I haven’t even read 4, and September is almost half over. There have barely been any posts here!

It hit me yesterday what the difference was. In my last job, I wasn’t in training. Here, I am.

And it may not seem like that big a difference. But between a big test last week, another test this week, and a third coming the week after that… My schedule’s changed so that I’m now awake at 5:30 AM, which, let me tell you, is a truly evil time of day. I’m not used to that yet. At my previous job, people knew I was a loner and left me alone to read over breaks and lunches. Here people have this wacky notion that they have to be sociable to me or something, so I don’t really get reading time unless I skip lunch and stay in the training room when everyone else is gone.

That explains the general lack of reading. The lack of posts hinges around the fact that 2 out of the 3 books I’ve read so far this month aren’t books I can review just yet. 1 is owed to someone as a guest post, the other is one that won’t get reviewed until next month. So even what I have read isn’t much good for post-fodder.

Thus, at the end of this ramble, I’m taking a week off from blogging. Call it a mini-break. I need to have a little time in which I can catch up on some reading and not feel like I’m freaking out because argh, I can only post a single review next week and that’s not enough and I feel like I’m falling behind, panic panic panic!

(Ignore that I’m the one who determines my own post schedule here. Anxiety rarely listens to logic.)

So for the next week, no posts from me. Just reading, relaxing, and trying to not fail tests at work. On the 22nd, I’ll be back into my regular schedule for posts, and everything should be right as rain again!

See you all in a week!

7 comments on “Time for a mini-break.

  1. new jobs are always exhausting – different schedule, new things to learn, names to remember, just in general your brain get packed with a lot of new stuff.

    and blogging is supposed to be fun, not work. Take some time off (we all do it!), and come back refreshed. :)

    • Yah! And at least this isn’t like the time I needed to take 3 whole months off before I felt ready to blog again. I mostly just need to do this so I can stop beating myself up about only having 1 book to review over a week. :p Somehow taking a break and not posting anything seems better than only posting 1 thing. Don’t ask me how that logic works!

  2. I completely understand the difference between a job you know and learning a new one, that’s why grad school is more or less strenuous for me I think depending on how classes and research are going. I’ve been so tired this week!

    • It’s made more annoying to me, on a personal level, because the reservation system I’m using at work is similar to the system I used at my previous job in most ways, and easier in other ways, so I keep thinking it should all be easy and I shouldn’t be feeling any stress or time crunch.

      But I suppose even if it’s still pretty easy for me, I’m still carving out new pathways in my brain to learn the new one, as well as helping the people around me who are struggling. Waking up at 5:30 doesn’t help my brain function any better, either. :p

    • It’s a pretty good job. Doesn’t pay as much as my last one, sadly, but it’s unionized and I get health benefits right from the get-go, so in some ways it balances out. And that centre hasn’t done any hiring in about 16 years, so I was lucky to get in when I did.

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