August in Retrospect

Holy crap, it’s September! Like, today! Summer’s almost over, you guys! What’s up with that, anyway?

Honestly, I’m glad that the cooler weather is on its way. The cooler rainy autumns that my part of the world makes for excellent reading days. Curled up under a blanket, a mug of tea nearby, the sound of rain pattering against the windows… It’s a beautiful thing.

But before I get too entrenched in the future, let’s do the usual step back and see what went down this past month.


Under the Empyrean Sky, by Chuck Wendig
Blightborn, by Chuck Wendig
The Mirror Empire, by Kameron Hurley
John Golden: Heroes of Mazaroth, by Django Wexler
Ancillary Justice, by Ann Leckie
Queen of the Darkness, by Anne Bishop
Happy Hour in Hell, by Tad Williams
Lock In, by John Scalzi
The 100, by Kass Morgan
Day 21, by Kass Morgan

10 books reviewed, which may not be a record for me, but it’s not exactly something to sneeze at, either! And 9 books read. I was aiming for 10 books read last month, but my roommate came back from PEI for the long weekend so I didn’t end up with as much reading time over the past few days, because we were busy eating at almost every Japanese restaurant in the city, enjoying the weather, and appreciating the time we had before she went back. Go figure, I’m only about 100 pages from finishing a book, too. But still, 9’s a good amount of books read, so I’m not complaining.

Other Stuff

In this months’ Reviewer’s Dilemma posts, I discussed whether errors in ARCs should be discussed in reviews if they affect the reading experience (and accountability for those errors), what it feels like when you have a different opinion of a book than most people have, the different viewpoints on DNF (Did Not Finish) reviews, and discussing whether rereviewing older books is worth it.

I showcased some character art from Susan Krinard’s newly-released Black Ice, sequel to Mist, and shone the spotlight on Anton Strout’s upcoming Incarnate, 3rd book in the Spellmason series.

I also celebrated the fact that I have a new job coming up! Next week, I start training to be a sales and service rep for Air Canada. And after the shock of losing my previous job in early June, I’m really happy about essentially trading up on the employment ladder. The pay won’t be as high as before, but it’s enough for me to get by on, the work is already fairly familiar to me, and the perks of the job are fantastic. I’m looking forward to starting, even if it means that some of my reading time will be curtailed.


In September, I’m aiming for the usual 8 books read and 8 reviewed. Hopefully I’ll be able to feature a guest post or 2; I was surprised to realise that there weren’t any guest posts in August! I also had planned to do another On the Watchlist but ended up too distracted by what I already had to focus on what I didn’t have, so maybe I’ll try to highlight some books I’ve got my eye on soon.

I don’t know if The Reviewer’s Dilemma is going to continue. It’s been a surprisingly popular series, but I’ve run out of issues that I wanted to talk about. If it does continue, it likely won’t be so frequent; maybe biweekly instead of weekly, if I think of an issue in reviewing that I want to talk about.

I’ve been debating doing a readthrough of Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles, too, and doing more of a chapter-by-chapter commentary rather than just an end-of-the-book general review. I’ll probably start this at some point in September, maybe halfway through so I can settle into my new job a bit before taking on another project.

I’ve also upped my reading goals for 2014 from 75 books to 90 books. I don’t think I’ll be able to make a full 100 books like last year, but 90 should be within my reach, and considering it’s only just September and I’ve already read 63 books, 75 seems like less of a goal and more like a marker that I’ll just breeze past by Halloween. 90 seems like a much better goal to aim for.

So, that was my August! Lots of reading, lots of reviewing! How was this past month for you? Was it productive, or did the summer heat kill your desire to do anything but lie in bed and suck on ice cubes? (Nobody’s judging; that sounds like a decent way to beat the heat to me!)

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