June in Retrospect

A months of ups and downs. And I’d thought May held its problems! This month, things started off with a bang by me losing my freaking job! Yeah, I could have done without that. And I still haven’t found another one, though I’m still searching around and applying for just about anything that says I qualify (and even some that don’t, in case I can make a decent argument for them hiring me anyway; most of the ones that I don’t qualify say it’s because I don’t have a university degree, even if I still possess the needed skills).

But enough of my real life woes. Let’s look at what I did blog-wise instead! That’s always much happier!


The Shadow Master, by Craig Cormick
Veil of the Deserters, by Jeff Salyards
Copper Magic, by Julia Mary Gibson
The Worst Witch, by Jill Murphy
Some Fine Day, by Kat Ross
Unwept, by Tracy and Laura Hickman
Essence, by Lisa Ann O’Kane

Definitely back on track for the usual number of monthly reviews, seeing as how in May I only wrote 5. I also read a full 8 books this past month, too. Funny, it felt like more…

Guest Posts

Creating an Alternate History World, by Craig Cormick

Other Stuff

I looked at some of the books that I’ve been lusting after. And I looked back at some of the books that I’ve showcased on On the Watchlist in the past; judging by that, I end up getting more of the books I want in the end just because I mention them and they’re on my mind when I take trips to the bookstore. So maybe I should run that feature more often! (Because I just don’t have enough books, apparently…)

I did a 2-week reading binge, and managed to accomplish almost all of my goals for it! (In that second post, I also talk a bit about my weekend trip halfway across the country, to Winnipeg.)

I wrote a post for Bookworm Blues that talked about gender identity, specifically being agendered, and how it relates to presentation of non-binary gender in SFF media. (And I’ve recieved so many encouraging and thoughtful comments on that post, and I thank you all for each and every one of them!)


As usual, I’m aiming to read 7-8 books and review just as many. I’m also currently looking at hosting 2 guest posts, and an upcoming giveaway! As long as I don’t have a job, I’m using the time to make more headway of whittling down Mount To-Be-Read, and thus give more awesome novels the chance to be showcased here. Got to take advantage of what I’m given, after all. If I can’t work, I should at least be doing something else productive with my time, and what better than reading? (Okay, admittedly, sewing and cooking are also a larger part of my life than they’ve been in a while.)

So that was my June, and my plans for July. What about you? Get anything good done this past month? Hopefully you didn’t follow on my path and find yourself unemployed!

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