Belated end to the 2 week book binge + Winnipeg holiday!

I should have posted this when I got back on Sunday night or Monday morning, but in all honesty, I’ve been a very lazy person and practically haven’t moved more than 50 feet from my bed for 2 days because after a weekend of not stopping, sometimes doing nothing but lying in bed and hanging out and just enjoying company again just feels amazing!

But the laziness is over, and it’s back to my regular blogging duties.

So, how did my readathon end up going, when all is said and done?

~ finally finish Jo Walton’s What Makes This Book So Great (no progress since last update)
~ read Julia Mary Gibson’s Copper Magic
~ read Eliza Crewe’s Crushed
~ read Lisa Ann O’Kane’s Essence
~ read A M Dellamonica’s Child of a Hidden Sea (30% done)
~ read Tracy Hickman and Laura Hickman’s Unwept
~ read Mercedes Lackey and James Mallory’s The House of the Four Winds
~ read issues 60 and 61 of Apex Magazine

I didn’t get everything done that I wanted to do. I still haven’t finished the Jo Walton book, I didn’t read any of the back issues of Apex Magazine, and I only got a little less than a third through Child of a Hidden Sea. But on the more positive side of things, I still read 6 full books in 2 weeks (I’m counting when I read Jill Murphy’s The Worst Witch, even though it wasn’t on my initial list), and made progress on 2 other books. I can’t complain too loudly.

I’d probably be further through Child of a Hidden Sea, were it not for 2 things: 1) plans changed and my first night in the hotel wasn’t free after all, so instead of spending the night inside reading, I was out having fun at a huge fair!

IMG_20140620_203637-2(I’m not the pretty Thai girl. That’s my dad’s wife. I’m the one with the doofy smile.)

And 2), I didn’t read a word on the flight from Saint John to Toronto, since I was too busy staring out the window!

SAM_0942-2(Downtown Toronto, taken from my seat on the plane.)

Then of course on Saturday night there was the concert, where I got to holy crap, see Queen + Adam Lambert, and how do you top living out a dream, because that concert was just amazing!

SAM_0965-2(Lousy picture, due to my camera not being as awesome as I want, but yes, that’s Adam Lambert lounging on that couch, and yes, he has gold drapey things dangling from his sleeves.)

So in all, I had a damn good holiday halfway across the country, capping off my book binge to culminate in an incredibly entertaining couple of weeks! Can I do it again now? Like, right from the beginning, ending the same way? Because that would make me very happy!

6 comments on “Belated end to the 2 week book binge + Winnipeg holiday!

    • House of the Four Winds was good but had some issues (random plot derailment, some stuff that probably should have been caught in early editing). Child of the Hidden Sea is giving me happy joy moments while reading it! :D

  1. Hey! You have to have fun from time to time. So glad you went out and had a blast! And wish I could have seem Adam. Love him. :)

    • Yeah, that concert was so awesome! Adam Lambert singing “Who Wants to Live Forever” damn near broke my heart, it was so beautiful. Big fan of his! :3 Can’t wait for his 3rd album to be released later this year, too! :D

  2. You look so happy and relaxed in the photo–I’m glad you had a good time on your trip! You definitely deserved it.

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