Halfway point of the 2-week book binge.

By giant readathon is half over, so I figure it’s time for a check in, to see how I’m doing with my goals so far. Let’s take a look at the list and see what’s been done and what’s left.

~ finally finish Jo Walton’s What Makes This Book So Great (progress has been made)
~ read Julia Mary Gibson’s Copper Magic
~ read Eliza Crewe’s Crushed
~ read Lisa Ann O’Kane’s Essence
~ read A M Dellamonica’s Child of a Hidden Sea
~ read Tracy Hickman and Laura Hickman’s Unwept
~ read Mercedes Lackey and James Mallory’s The House of the Four Winds (over 1/3 done)
~ read issues 60 and 61 of Apex Magazine

Hrm, not as much as I’d expected to have done by this point. In my defense, there was a day when I got way too distracted by reruns of Supernatural… Wait, that’s not a defense. That’s just an excuse! Come on, self, shape up and stop getting distracted by on-screen hilarity and action!

I did read Jill Murphy’s Worst Witch, too, which I didn’t plan for, and while it was short and a quick read, it did take up time, so that’s worth mentioning.

I should be able to finish The House of the Four Winds today, since it a Mercedes Lackey novel that involves pirates and adventure, and that kind of story is the kind that gets difficult to put down. Unwept and Crushed are relatively short, so they shouldn’t take too long. I do have the rest of the week, and that also includes flights across the country and back, as well as an evening spent in a hotel where I know that I’m not going to have anything better to do. Last week, I did a bunch of stuff in between reading. This coming week, there’ll be more time in which I can’t do anything else at all. Can’t complain at that!

So it may not look like I’ve done too much this past week, but there’s still another week to go, and I’ve made some progress to carve away at Mount To-Be-Read.

Expect reviews of some of last week’s reading to be posted this coming week, too!

So, for the others who have joined me in this book binge, how has your reading been coming along? Accomplishments encourage us all, so talk about them freely here!

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