Spam Saturdays

Lately I’ve been getting some fantastic word-salad spam that makes me chuckle when I read it. Honestly, it’s one of the things I start looking forward to. “What awesome spam comments were tried yesterday?” I’ve been sharing choice bits of them on Facebook, but so that people who don’t follow my personal Facebook account can also get a kick out of them, I think I’ll start making it a weekly weekend feature here on the blog. Highlighting the giggle-worthy excerpts from spam comments.

Silly? Absolutely. But come on, we all need a chuckle in our lives now and again, right?

[…]Just wanted to say thanks for the shoes. Received them one day earlier then expected lice […] Hope to do future business with you appear to beseashore crabs..

Lice and seashore crabs! Considering this seems to be a spam comment trying to direct me to a site to buy cheap knockoff-brand shoes, I don’t think talking about good shipping and unexpected parasites is the best selling point to go with…

Say yes to this remark and we’ll spare an made up critter!

Honestly, I’m considering letting this one through the spam filter because it’s hilarious in its own right!

Eat your rolled oats all day! porridge is one of your program. […] This is how to rent you. Do not mechanical phenomenon thing on their tender.

…Please do not mechanical thing on my tender. I’ll pay you money to not do that.

You may desire degraded speech, but it reimbursement importantly writer so try meet victimisation classic transport to prevention money on facilitated conveyance, prefer capacity unit business enterprise is untold easier for hackers who predate on those purchases, you should countenance peachy

Honestly, what can you say to this? I think it’s telling me to avoid the bus because people don’t speak good English there, and there are hackers who can steal my groceries… But don’t quote me on that.


9 comments on “Spam Saturdays

  1. That is hilarious! I delete spam messages daily because I hate them building up in my spam in-box. Now I’m wondering if I should take the time to read them first! You know…treat them along the lines of those sites you can sign up to get a daily joke or a daily scripture etc :-)

    • I used to just delete them too, and wonder why anyone (human or bot) thought there was much chance of them getting past spam filters in the first place. They were kind of annoying. Then I came across a couple of good ones, and I’ve been reading them ever since, looking for amusing things contained within.

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