Climbing TBR Mountain

Thanks to very generous gift of an gift card, plus remembering that I also had $50 in Chapter/Indigo gift cards, I went and made myself some giant purchases last night, adding to TBR Mountain and ensuring that I don’t leave my apartment again for weeks because I’ll be buried in too much awesome reading material.

thethousandnames  Django Wexler’s The Thousand Names. I’ve been seeing this book make the rounds across various blogs, and have yet to really see a negative review for it. And from recent reading experiences, it seems like this kind of story is exactly what I need half the time I’m looking for something and don’t know what I want, so I wasn’t about to pass up the chance to get it when I could.

bloodsongAnthony Ryan’s Blood Song. Another one I’ve seen positive reviews for by a few bloggers whose opinions I generally tend to trust, and for less than $10 for the Kindle edition (I got all of these for the Kindle, I should probably add), it was another book I wasn’t going to pass over now that I had the chance to buy it. I’m hoping this one is as good as it looks!

shininggirls Lauren Beukes’s The Shining Girls. This is one that I’ve seen mixed reviews of, with some people saying it’s awesome, and others saying it’s a disappointment. Given that the book involves a time-travelling serial killer, though, I’m willing to give it a chance based on that awesomeness alone! Because seriously, who doesn’t like a good time-travelling serial killer story?

loveminuseightyWill McIntosh’s Love Minus Eighty. I first encountered McIntosh’s work with Hitchers (review here), and I really liked what I read. So hearing that he had another novel out, and that it was pretty well-received, yeah, this one was pretty much a given as to whether I’d purchase it. I’m really looking forward to digging into this book; McIntosh has a very creative mind!

As for what I bought from Chapters, well, that stuff’s geeky in a very different way than what you normally see around here…

hyrulehistoria  Why yes, I am a video game nerd. The Hyrule Historia, which is pretty much a complete guide to the amazingly popular Legend of Zelda franchise. I’d seen this book in the store ages ago, and wanted it very badly, but couldn’t afford it at the time. It’s got tons of info, like the history of Hyrule, early concept art, chronology of the games (which is a big mess and seems to make the most sense when you accept that there are alternate timelines all over the place), and yeah, my inner video game geek needed this book like oxygen. And I ended up getting it for half price, ore or less, since it was on sale and being a loyalty card holder gives me additional discounts.

elementsofharmonyOkay, I admit it. I’ve recently gotten into My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic in a big way. Don’t look at me that way; the show’s freaking awesome, and contains way better lessons and advice for kids than a lot of shows I’ve seen. The animation’s addictive, the writing and voice-acting is among the best I’ve seen, and I dare you to not like Fluttershy. If you haven’t watched it yet, at least give it a try. But anyway, I saw The Elements of Harmony, the guidebook with a bunch of bonus material, and knew it needed to be mine.

So my inner geek became very happy yesterday, and I can’t wait for those last two to be delivered (they’re the only two that I didn’t get in e-book format) so that I can grin like a moron. And in the meantime, I’ll read the other books that I bought and hope that I enjoy them as much as I suspect I will.

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    • I was debating whether or not to do a review of either of those books here, since they’re not typically what I review. But then, they do have some geeky merit, and if you’re interested in seeing what I think, then maybe I will!

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