Personal readathon – Day 2

steelseraglio  Progress today was much better than yesterday, given that I’ve thus far had a whole day in which to read at leisure.

I finished reading The Steel Seraglio, which  have to say seems to be a very underappreciated book. The method of storytelling takes a little bit of getting used to (it’s told as stories within a larger story that connects to a larger but less-spoken-of story), but the story it does tell is an engaging one that makes it very easy to keep forging ahead. And that’s my mini-review. If you haven’t read this one yet, I recommend you do so when you can, because this book needs more love.

theftofswordsOnce  finished with The Steel Seraglio, I launched myself into the second part of Michael Sullivan’s Theft of Swords, which, being two books in one, I read the first part of last year and haven’t picked up since. I didn’t even review the first book! Bad me. While  wasn’t blown away by he first part, I do hear that the series really picks up, and I feel that I owe it to both the author and myself to at least give the rest of Theft of Swords a try.

And so far, I’m not disappointed. I’ve read a decent way in at this point, and am having fun with the characters.

I wish I could make every day a readathon day. Of course, reading this much is helped along by the fact that the city’s in the middle of a heat wave and between the heat and the still-current pain and lack of energy, I don’t feel up to doing much that doesn’t involve lying still. And reading’s perfectly suited to that!

So yes, far more productive than yesterday, and I hope tomorrow will be the same.

Is anyone else doing a readathon at this time? If so, please comment and link to your blog so that I can see your progress and cheer you on.

5 comments on “Personal readathon – Day 2

    • In your defense, it’s a pretty heavy book to pick up. :p uch like the ASOIAF books, I’m pretty sure you could use it to bludgeon intruders with.

    • I wasn’t too wowed by the first one, but having finished the second one today, I can safely say that I’m hooked. I’d be happy if the books stayed just as good as book 2, but to hear that they get better still makes me want to throw the rest of my reading plans out the window and just move on to book 3!

      • Michael really surprised me with where he went with the series. I remember reading the first thinking it wasn’t that much. But once you get going in the books, the world opens up, and there was a lot of little things I didn’t pick up when I read it that indicated to so much more. Glad to hear you are hooked after the second book. :)

        I think Nyphron Rising (3rd of the 6) was my favorite for Arista. Then Emerald Storm (4th of 6) for the journey. But the last of all six, I thought was amazing! Michael ties up the series beautifully.

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