It probably hasn’t escaped anybody’s notice that I haven’t been posting here. Not since a couple of halfhearted and rambly NaNo updates. There’s a reason for that.

I’m burned out.

It’s not that I’m burned out on reading. Quite the opposite; I’ve been reading rather voraciously this past month. No, what I’m burned out on is reviewing. I finish a book and my urge isn’t to review it, to pick apart what I liked and what I didn’t and all that stuff. My urge is to just go on to the next book, to read that, to shove myself back into another awesome world instead of taking the time to articulate my thoughts about the previous one.

Between one thing and the other (stress at work and scheduling woes, health fiascos involving a tumour and subsequent treatment, writing my own stuff, trying to work on my musical aspirations, and so on), this is just one thing too many. I’ve overburdened, I think, and this blog, while having opened by eyes to so many wonderful things and helping hone my own writing and editing skills, has actually started to feel a little bit confining. I have books piling up in the corner, books that have been on my bookshelf for years but I haven’t read because ARCs take priority. ARCs that have gone unread because newer ARCs take priority. It’s felt like ages since I just sat down and read a book for me. Some stupid little book that doesn’t fit on this blog but that I want to read anyway. Something I read a while ago but want to read again. And I feel constrained by the responsibilities I’ve given myself here.

I think that means it’s time to put this project aside. At least for a little while.

It was after I made that decision that my reading appetite shot through the roof, to be honest. I felt free again, free to read what I wanted and to enjoy it not because I thought the writing style was tight or because the characterization was strong, but because the book was just enjoyable. Pass or fail. End of story. It’s nice.

But I don’t want to kill Bibliotropic forever. I’ve invested almost 3 years of my life so far in this blog, and though I don’t even rank for good book review blogs, I don’t want to put it aside permanently. I want to give myself a chance to detox, to step away for a little while and then come back renewed.

So I’m giving myself until the end of March. With the exception of one post (an author interview, and one that I’m so excited about and can’t wait for the author to send me back her answers to the interview questions), expect a very silent Bibliotropic for the coming 3 months.

I’ll still end up commenting on other blogs, because damn, your blogs are all awesome and I like reading them. And if my hiatus works and I come back feeling rested and recovered, I’ll probably have a metric buttload of new review to write up, from all the books I’ve read over that time. I may actually end up catching up on my ARC collection! I figure it’ll be good for both myself and the blog. A revival in two parts.

Until April, everyone. I’ll be hibernating if you need me!

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  1. You know, I’ve been feeling much the same. It’s really a lot of work to keep up on the blog and then there’s that *terrible* problem with always getting new books so you can’t get to the ones you already wanted to read. I know it’s not an unenviable problem, but it’s still hard to keep up. :)

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