Nano update #2

I’m on track. Sneaky writing at work seems to be doing the trick, thankfully, because I’m having a harder time finding the time to write at home. Between one thing and the other, ugh, it’s a mess.

Much like my NaNovel.

I’m still pushing through with Godshard. The plot is slowly coming together, though it still need a ton of work, and I’m not particularly happy with it. I get scenes done, but the story is harder to pin down. Should have thought this out more.

So of course, when my mind wanders and can’t quite focus on what it’s supposed to, it goes back to what I know best, and tells me to write that instead. So tell me, what do you think that would be? What’s my brain telling me would be far more fun and so much easier to write instead of Godshard?

If you guessed homoerotic vampire smut, then you know me too well.

And I also fear for your mind as much as mine.

But the words keep coming, regardless of which project I work on. Yes, I gave in and started writing the smut. Really, it was the only thing I could do. In the spirit of NaNo, getting words out is more important than quality, and if it takes occasionally visiting another project to keep the first one going, then it’s okay. Right?

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