In My Mailbox

This week has been a spectacular week for the acquistition of books. Between the books I bought, the books I received for review, and the books my roommate bought that I’m going to borrow at some point… Well, this week alone could keep me in reading material for a month!

So let’s take a quick look-see at what came my way this time!


  Nnedi Okorafor’s Who Fears Death, a book which I’ve been lusting after pretty much since I heard about it well over a year ago. And every time I wanted to buy it and actually had money, only the hardcover edition was available, which was a little too rich for my blood. But with the paperback edition being more affordable, and me having some gift certificates to burn on, I wasn’t about to let this one slip past me any longer. I fully expect to get completely lost in this novel.


  Is it a surprise to anyone that there’s a Mercedes Lackey novel in this batch? The first book of the Shadow Grail series, Legacies, is just the kind of thing I’m looking for when I want some light reading and am in the mood for an author I know like the back of my hand. Written with Rosemary Edghill (whom I’ve seen team up with Lackey in the past), I’m looking forward to tearing my way through this one at an insane pace!


  What kind of fantasy fan would I be if I didn’t get my hands on a copy of N K Jemisin’s The Killing Moon when I had the chance? After finishing the Inheritence trilogy and knowing that I’ve enjoyed everything I’ve seen this author do, and hearing so many good things about this novel too, this was a definite purchase, no matter what else I bought. The only question is whether I get to read it first, or whether my roommate sneaks it away while I’m busy reading other books.





Review copies

  Sam Sykes’s The Skybound Sea, the third book of the Aeon’s Gate series. Get an eyefull of that cover art! Is that not an attractive book? Due out in early September, this is a book to keep your eyes peeled for. Sykes has been making waves since the beginning, and I don’t expect this book to break that trend!


  Jane Rogers’s The Testament of Jessie Lamb. I ran a giveaway for this book a little while ago, and my copy arrived in the mail recently too. I’m definitely looking forward to this one. The person who contacted me about this book knew very well that the plot and setting of it was right up my alley!


  Just you try and keep me away from Philippa Ballantine’s books! From the first book of hers that I read, I was hooked on her smooth writing style and sense of humour. So when I was offered a copy of her newest, Hunter and Fox, I was thrilled. The fact that I was offered it on my birthday didn’t exactly hurt matters either. So this is like my birthday present from the publishing world, which arrived on my doorstep after a great day at work. I think I’m just destined to love this novel no matter what, after all the positive associations with it!


  Blood Zero Sky, by J Gabriel Gates. Gates seems to be making waves these days too. Not as gigantic as some authors, but more and more I’m seeing this guy’s work making its way around, and I’m definitely interested in his latest dystopian work here. You know my weakness for dystopias, after all! The cover art here is rather chilling, too, and I’m hoping it really reflects the tone of the novel itself. If so, I think I’m really in for a treat!


  Sean Cummings’s Poltergeeks, which I think is worth paying attention to simply for the title alone! One of Strange Chemistry‘s upcoming books, this seems like a fun and interesting YA novel. One that I’m actually kind of antsy to read, but since it’s not due out until October, I’m making myself wait until closer to the release date. Between this and a couple of other novels I’ve got my eye on, October seems like it’s going to ne a great month for engaging YA fiction!


  Cassandra Rose Clarke’s The Assassin’s Curse. Honestly, the way Strange Chemistry keeps publishing books that I want to read, they’re very quickly reaching a spot on my list of top publishers to pay attention to. Pirates, wizards, nobility, curses, assassins, this book seems to have a plot based around some of the most awesome buzzwords I can think of, and I’m really looking forward to seeing if it’s as good as I think it will be!


  C K Kelly Martin’s Yesterday. From the synopsis on Amazon (involving virtual reality, and then a main character who seems to have travelled back in time somehow), it doesn’t seem too hard to figure out some of how the plot of this book is going to go. But still, it seems like an interesting concept that the author’s playing with, and I’m interested to see where it all goes. Not to mention the fact that it’s said to appeal to fans of three other books I’ve read and really enjoyed. I’m more than willing to give this one a chance!


  Heads in Beds, by Jacob Tomsky. Why this break from fantasy and speculative fiction? Well, aside from the fact that I tend to really enjoy memoirs like this, my job also consists of booking hotels for people. A lot. So I thought I might be able to get some extra enjoyment out of this book, which talks about some of the behind-the-scenes strangeness of the travel and hospitality industry. More than half of me wishes I had a physical copy of this book so that I could pass it around to people at the office so that my coworkers can enjoy it as well!


See what I mean when I say that this week was a fantastic one for books? 11 books gained in about 7 days. 8 of those being review copies! Like I said, the books I got this week alone could provide for a whole month of reading at the rate I’m going right now. Probably more than a month, even. I’m certainly not going to complain, though, when all of them seem like they’re going to be so enjoyable to read!

So tell me, what wonderful things came winging their way to you this past week?

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