Sometimes life happens

I’m sure some people are looking at the lack of recent content gere and going, “Wait, aren’t blog supposed to have actual posts on them? What gives, Ria?”

I was going to post earlier this week. But then one of my cats, Nick, got pretty sick, and we had to take him to the vet. The vet who no longer does billing, which we only found out after we’d gotten there. So between a sick cat and financial woes, it became difficult to find the motivation to post.

Also, I did the only thing that I felt that I could to help out right then. I got back to my crafty roots and designed a knitted lace scarf pattern to sell, to try and raise money for Nick’s vet bill and the cost of future tests that we know he’s going to need. So add onto that knitting my fingers to the bone to try to get the pattern test-knit in roughly 24 hours… I didn’t even have the time to think about books, let alone the brainpower.

But Nick seems to be doing better at the moment. His fever’s down, he’s drinking more and eating a little, which is fantastic. Still need to get him back to the vet for tests, but since the problem is no longer quite so life-threatening (he had a very high fever and was dehydrated, and might have had a small intestinal blockage that seems to have mostly resolved itself now that he’s able to drink again), I can resume a more normal and less hectic schedule.

Fingers crossed, and knock on wood.

There should be a review up tomorrow, and an In My Mailbox post on Saturday, since I got some books this week that deserve showing off a little.  Next week should see a review of N K Jemisin’s The Kingdom of Gods, too.

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