In My Mailbox

It’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve listed any books that I received. The reason for this? I didn’t receive any books during that time. No, really. Nada. Bupkes. Not a speck.

But to make up for it, I seem to have gotten a whole load of them over the past couple of days, and it’s going to make for one interesting post today! Let me know which ones you want to read!

The Best Horror of the Year, Volume 4. I really seem to be enjoying collections of short stories more than I did previously, and I also keep meaning to branch out when it comes to horror, and so this seemed like the perfect opportunity. There are some big-name authors featured in this collection (King and Straub, to name a couple), and I’m hoping that their collective talent will help me to appreciate the horror genre once again.

Emmy Laybourne’s Monument 14, a YA novel that isn’t so much post-apocalyptic as apocalyptic in the present. The premise is fairly simple, consisting of a group of teens having to struggle to survive when the world seems to be going to hell, but I have a bit of a soft spot for survival tales, so I was willing to give this one a try.

Leigh Bardugo’s Shadow and Bone, a YA dark fantasy that looks like it could be one of those novels that goes either way. As always, though, the synopsis intrigued me enough to at least hope that it’ll be on the “awesome” side of that scale, and I’m willing to give it a chance. The more I read little blurbs and commentary on it, the more inclined I am to think that it could indeed be a good one.

Jonathan Maberry’s V Wars. Well, I say it’s by Jonathan Maberry, but in fact there were many authors who contributed to this book. It’s a collection of “tales from the frontline” of a war between humanity and the supernatural, with the twist that supernatural creatures actually have a proper scientific basis and are as natural as anything else that occurs. This one really sounds like it could be a good read, and there are a number of good names who added pieces to this book, so let’s just say that this is a book that I will definitely be reviewing when the release date approaches! (Early May, if anyone’s curious.)

The Girl Who Was on Fire. I’m sure most people have heard of this book by now. It’s a collection of essays inspired by the Hunger Games trilogy. I was generously offered a copy of the movie tie-in edition of the book, and considering I’ve read the books, gotten a friend to start reading them, and am planning on seeing the movie in theatres, it seemed only right to immerse myself in the world once more with this compilation. Just thumbing through the list of essays is reason enough to look into this book; I’m expecting some good thought-provoking commentary here!

And true to form, at least one book didn’t have cover art yet posted on Three books, actually. It seems to be the week of talking about these novels a little too early. Mary Gentle’s The Black Opera, which is a really interesting-sounding piece of historical fantasy involving the power of music and song. I highly doubt that I’ll dislike this one.

Laird Barron’s The Croning didn’t have cover art loaded yet. This one’s more horror-based than I normally go for, but I’m in the mood for something dark and deep, and this one seems set to deliver.

Tim Westover’s Auraria, a novel that doesn’t so much seem to be an urban fantasy as much as a rural fantasy. It draws its inspiration from folklore tales of the supernatural in the Appalacians, and I’m quite interested to see how the story pans out (no pun intended, since the novel is set in an old gold-rush town).

So that’s my haul this past week. So many good books to read, so little time! Thankfully, many of these books don’t have their release date for a little while yet, which gives me some time before I have to fit them into my reading schedule, but believe me, there are a few here that make me regret my decision to read and review things around the release date whenever possible!

What did you get in your mailboxes this past week?

8 comments on “In My Mailbox

  1. Nice set of books :) I'm getting more into apocalyptic/post-apocalyptic fiction too. I had a copy of The Return Man through the post today, which is pretty sweet. I might do a zombie read-a-thon pretty soon :)

  2. Quite a mix of books there. I didn't realise Johnathan Maberry was involved with any new books so I will be checking out V Wars when it comes out. Monumnet 14 could be an interesting read…

  3. I've never seen your blog before, but I like it a lot. I'm glad IMM helped me find it. I'm intrigued by Monument 14.. the cover is lovely too.

    Following you now. Enjoy your books!

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