In My Mailbox

This week’s In My Mailbox features… nothing. I actually didn’t get any books this past week. I thought I’d gotten one from NetGalley, but evidently the publisher archived the title a bare 30 seconds after approving me for a copy, so I’m guessing that was some sort of glitch. A touch disappointing, but I shall persevere.

So, because I didn’t get anything, you now all have to entertain me with what you received this past week. Come on, I want to know what I’m missing!

One comment on “In My Mailbox

  1. Oh, I've had weeks like this too. I was trying to not spend any money, but then that hits me hard as I can't contain myself any longer and go a little crazy. lol. But since I got this Nook I've been able to supliment with free reads, for the moment – until that won't work any longer. ;)

    I'll have my Monday's Beginnings up tomorrow night sharing everything I got. :) Hope you have a great week.

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