Literary pruning

Thanks in no small part to The Great Kindle Disaster, I lost, well, a great number of my eARCs. Most of them I got from NetGalley, and the publishers archive the titles after a time, so I can’t just go and redownload them.

I recovered what I could, but in the end, I managed to get back less than half of what I used to have.

Anything I couldn’t get back is pretty much gone for good at this point, barring a minor miracle (or a couple of free book deals on Amazon).

So consider this my public apology to a number of authors and publishers whose books I didn’t get around to reviewing. Even though I did have quite a lot of books on my backlog, and though it may have taken a while to get to them, I did have every intention of reading them and reviewing them when time permitted. So to many I owed a review to, I do apologize.

The “Received for Review” page will be updated shortly, to show what I’ve got left. Still plenty to keep me busy, of course, but I still do feel bad about losing all the others and not being able to give some authors the chance I had planned.

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