January wrap-up

I’ve decided to go back to doing monthly wrap-up posts, to take a look back at what I did and to sort out what I’ve got planned for the future.

Didn’t do too badly for books and reviews, really. I read 7 books in January, and reviewed 6 of them (1 was a reread and I’d already reviewed it previously – didn’t see a need to review it again).

Daughter of Smoke and Bone, by Laini Taylor
– The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms, by N K Jemisin (this was my reread)
Black Dawn, by L J Smith
Hitchers, by Will McIntosh
Revealing Eden, by Victoria Foyt
The Way We Fall, by Megan Crewe
Witchlight, by L J Smith

4 of these books were ones that I’ve received as review copies, so it was good to be able to clear those off the backlog.

In addition to that, I spent the first part of the month writing up reviews for the 5 books that I had read at the end of 2011 that I hadn’t been able to review before the calendar turned.

The Thirteen Hallows, by Michael Scott and Colette Freedman
Tankborn, by Karen Sandler
The Bookman, by Lavie Tidhar
Huntress, by L J Smith
The Shadowing: Hunted, by Adam Slater

3 of these were review copies, too. So even if I didn’t read them in January, I still ended up writing 7 reviews for books that were on the ARC/review copy backlog, so I definitely feel somewhat accomplished there.

I made a listing of all the books I got as review copies and organized them by publication date, so I can better plan what to read and review at what time. Previously I would pretty much read what I want when I wanted, which occasionally resulted in me not paying attention and posting reviews for books months before their scheduled release date. I’m going to try to not do that so much anymore, and this list that I spent an evening making will really help with that.

I finally finished rereading all of L J Smith’s Night World books, and I plan to write a review of the series as a whole in a day or so. Honestly, it’s nice to no longer have those books on my list of ones to review…

And I made a point of doing more networking this past month, too, and saw visitors to my blog increase as a consequence. Can’t say that was a bad thing.

So what’s coming in February? Well, in particular I want to read and review Robert Westall’s The Watch House for Nostalgia Friday. I have plans to read and review Ursula Poznanski’s Erebos, Martha Wells’s The Cloud Roads, Julianna Baggott’s Pure, and that’s just the 3 that I’m sure of. I don’t doubt that I’ll be able to fit a couple more in there. I might make a point of reading Mercedes Lackey’s The White Gryphon, to get back into the groove of the Great Valdemar Reread.

So those are my plans for February. I’m setting the bar a little low right now since I don’t know how things will go with my health, but I’m pretty sure I should be able to manage that much.

Hope everyone’s January went well, and I hope your Februaries will be even better!

5 comments on “January wrap-up

  1. Seems like quite a busy month!

    I'm pretty bad at writing as soon as I've finished a book as well which I think can give some more perspective on the review.

    I have to admit I love your nostalgia re-reads especially as I used to love LJ Smith…although I never read the Night World series – just her trilogies. I remember reading Blitz Cat back in the day as well…

  2. Wow, that's hella busy. I've managed …. 2 books. And the second was by the skin of my teeth. I must be doing something wrong to be reading that slowly, surely? Need to give my eyes some caffeine, methinks!

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