Well said!

Kirsty at The Overflowing Library posted a wonderful rant against bookbloggers who feel that free books when and where they want them is an entitlement rather than a privilege. She speaks out against the people who start review blogs just to get books, and then fill their blogs with memes and few — if any — actual reviews while still begging for more freebies.

I have to say that I completely agree with her. While some people consider the jury still out on whether free books are a blogger’s due (I have, admittedly, seen some good arguments in favour of that, even though I don’t always agree with said arguments), I can’t condone the people who start up blogs and then reap the rewards while not doing a single thing to earn them. Yes, blogging is a hobby for 99.99% of us who do it, but that doesn’t mean we don’t put in the effort. And more effort than just in mailing authors and publishers as we beg for more books. Each post we write, each review we write, each day we spend reading is time that could have been used elsewhere and yet wasn’t, because we care about what we’re doing and want to do it well. To the best of our abilities. It boggles the mind that people actually start blogs with the intent of getting books.

Not only that, but who still manage to get books in spite of having little to no content other than memes. Memes can be all well and good, great things for generating a bit of interest and increasing your readership base, but ultimately, they’re not the content that people are looking for when they come to a book review blog.

Many people have talked before about how blogging isn’t some sort of easy path to success, how the perks that we earn are actually earned through real honest-to-goodness work, even if that work is fun. I myself have ranted about it before. But Kirsty’s rant really encapsulates a lot of issues in few words, and I feel it’s worth sharing. Please, take the time to give it a read.

3 comments on “Well said!

  1. I must say it happens seldom that I ask publishers/authors for free books. It is more the other way round. That means I did something before to arouse their interest.

    I still buy a lot of books. Of course I like to get review copies. For me it is a kind of give and take. I get a book and deliver a review.

    It is a shame when people start a blog with the only purpose to receive free books. It is the same with people who sell their review copies high priced.

    Black sheeps are everywhere. I'm sure that sooner or later authors and publishers will detect such blogs …

  2. I agree that overloading a blog with memes is a little annoying. I've tried to stay away from memes altogether. I do feel guilty, though, when I see other bloggers flying through books and reviewing left, right and centre, and here's me taking ages to get even one book done. I need to sort that out.

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