In My Mailbox

Candace Fleming’s On the Day I Died. This book is described as “Stephen King for teens,” and is filled with short ghost stories that will no doubt make this one a quick fun read. This one isn’t due out until the summer, though a read-and-review might be more appropriate during the run-up to Halloween. I guess we’ll see when the urge to read this takes me. For all I know, it could be next week!

Ursula Poznanski’s Erebos I’m very happy to have a copy of the English translation. This is another novel involving an engrossing video game that has more to it than meets the eye, and for some reason, I’ve got a real weakness for that kind of plot. Naturally I couldn’t pass up the chance to read this one when I saw it on NetGalley. Due out in February, it won’t be long before you see my review of this one.

Nicholas Orme’s Fleas, Flies, and Friars, a fascinating-sounding nonfiction book that takes a look at children’s poetry during the Middle Ages. I told my roommate I got this book and even she sounded interested. I can’t wait to read this one; I know it’s going to be right up my alley!

Michelle Muto’s Don’t Fear the Reaper. I was happy to have won a copy of The Book of Lost Souls a few weeks ago, and so I couldn’t resist entering a contest to win a copy of this one. I didn’t win, but the author was sent me a copy anyway, because she’s just that awesome. I can’t wait to read it; it sounds like it’s going to be a really interesting one!

Rio Youers’s Westlake Soul, a story of an unlikely superhero that I don’t doubt is going to end up being funny and thought-provoking at the same time. ChiZine puts out interesting and rather unique books as a rule, so if you enjoy that sort of book, then definitely check out this, or some of the other books published by ChiZine.

Suzanne Johnson’s Royal Street. Is that a Tor book on NetGalley? Is…is that really a Tor book on NetGalley?! Mwahaha, and it’s mine!

Okay, all evil laughter aside, I love Tor books to death, and so I wasn’t about to pass up the chance to request a copy of this very interesting-sounding urban fantasy novel when I saw that I had the opportunity.This book isn’t due out until April, and one of the request criteria is that I wait until the publication date to post reviews, so I won’t be doing my write-up for this one for quite a while, but believe me, I’ll practically be counting down the days!

So that was what I got in my mailbox this past week. All of them looking good, and all of them ones that I can’t wait to sink my literary teeth into.

What did you get this past week? Anything I have to be envious of?

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