New Year’s Resolutions?

I’ve mentioned to a few people now that I try not to make New Year’s resolutions, not because I disagree with challenging and improving myself, but because I have an awful habit of promising myself that I’ll do something and then in the end, I don’t do it. It makes me feel like a failure, disappoints myself and others whom I’ve told of my goal, and in general just makes me look like somebody who can’t keep her promises and stick to her committments.

I don’t want that image for myself.

That being said, I do have some goals that I want to set for myself for the coming year, pertaining to this blog. I’m not going to give specifics. I’m not going to say, “I want to double my readership” or “I want to read another 100” books, because while these things are attainable, if I read only 99 books this year and come in 1 person short of doubling my readership, then in essence I failed. Specifics are my downfall when it comes to stuff like that.

So in general, here’s what I’m hoping to do over the coming year:

  • Rewrite old reviews so that they have the standard format I use now.
  • Start taking notes when I read, to help me remember all the points I want to mention in my review.
  • Keep up with my In My Mailbox posts.
  • Start Nostalgia Fridays again.
  • Write 2 reviews per week on average.
  • Increase my blog readership. No specific amount. If more people read this blog, it will make me supremely happy no matter what the number is.
  • Make better use of Twitter, and stop forgetting that I have an account for weeks on end.
  • Comment more on other blogs.

    I wish I could make grander goals, such as reading a large number of books, or selling advertising space, or something like that. (Despite having existed for 2 years now, my blog doesn’t have a large readership base because I don’t market and spread the word half as much as I ought to, so I can’t justify selling ad space.) But for now, these goals will suit me just fine. I may end up going above and beyond what I want to do, but even if I do a little, at least a little is something.

    May your coming bloggy year be bright!

  • 3 comments on “New Year’s Resolutions?

    1. Even if I don't complete them, I find that I achieve more when I set goals than when I don't. I make my resolutions and keep them in a Google doc, then make sub-resolutions regularly –small goals that aid in fulfilling the yearly, larger one. Would I make them publicly? Not on your life!

    2. I like your goals for this year, and the majority of those are ones that I should be setting myself. I may appropriate a few from you. I tend to fizzle out of goal-bashing enthusiasm rather quickly, so here's hoping my resolve will be a little greater this year!

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