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Slightly belated due to the holiday feasting, but better late than never! Let’s take a look at the wonderful books I received last week!

The Bloodlight Chronicles: Retribution, by Steve Stanton. This is the second book in what looks to be a very promising series, and upon seeing the summary of this book, I immediately regretted not having paid more attention to the first book, which I received some time ago but never got around to reading. With my interest piqued for the newest one, I suspect that will change quickly enough. Definitely looking forward to seeing what Stanton has to offer.

The ever-awesome Night Shade Books (honestly, I can’t say enough about the great books these guys send forth into the world) has given me the chance to read Stina Leicht’s And Blue Skies From Pain. If the interesting cover art isn’t enough to catch your attention, then how about a plot involving late 1970s Ireland (and all of the associated political turmoil), religion, and faeries? Yeah, that combination sounded pretty good to me, too.

Victoria Foyt’s revealing Eden, the first book of the Save the Pearls series. This book comes across as one that could easily stir up some controversy among those who prefer their books to have some racial sensitivity and diversity. One one hand, the ruling class in this novel are darker-skinned, while paler-skinned people are pretty much society’s outcasts. So that much is definitely a bit of history turned on its head. On the other hand, just based on the title of the series, “Save the Pearls” (Pearls being light-skinned people), I can see some people disliking that on the grounds that the focus is still on the plight of white people. I, however, am going to reserve judgment until I’ve read the book. I can’t say, just based on a synopsis and a title, whether this one will be another case of racefail or racewin. Time will tell. Regardless, the post-apocalyptic setting appeals to me, so I don’t doubt that there’ll be at least some enjoyment in reading this.

Greg Logsted’s The Stuttering Tattoo. This book, based on the description, seems to be a YA mystery thriller with a possible touch of the supernatural to it. Either way, it sounded interesting enough to catch my eye, and I’m looking forward to reading it. Reviews on Amazon thus far are encouraging, and I’m expecting a past-paced and exciting ride when I start this one.

David Constantine’s Pillars of Hercules, which seems like it’ll be a fascinating novel simply in the way it launches headlong into historical adventure with more than a dash of magic and myth. This book sounds like it’s the kind of meaty historical fantasy that I’ll really be able to sink my teeth into, not a light read but something rich and fulfilling. Once more, Night Shade, just seems bent on releasing damn near everything that I want to read!

Lari Don’s First Aid for Fairies and Other Fabled Beasts. Now, I don’t normally read much in the way of mid-grade fiction, but I do make exceptions when something interesting comes along, and here’s one of those exceptions. The concept sounds whimsical and amusing, and I do enjoy being able to take a look at the kind of books that work as gateways into a wider world of fantasy and the supernatural. Lari Don has done other books in this series, none of which I have heard of before, let alone read, but by the looks of it I can jump in at any point and not be completely lost, so I have no problem no starting at the beginning of the series. I hope this one comes out as entertaining as it sounds!

Well! This is the point where I pretend that I did not make the vow to at least attempt cutting down on the review copies of books that I request and/or accept because wow, that’s a lot of books. I wanted to try to keep things to the point where I only accepted as many books as I managed to read during the week, but clearly this isn’t the case. I blame the publishing companies for releasing (or planning to release) so many books that just sound so interesting!

So, what did you all get in your mailboxes this past week? Anything worth bragging about?

2 comments on “In my Mailbox

  1. I have to say that Revealing Eden sounds super interesting. I really want to know how the race issues play out. I can't wait to read your review! :) Thanks for sharing and for dropping by my blog!

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