Graphic novel reviews

In the past, I tended to steer clear of graphic novels whenever I did reading challenges, and that carried over to my book reviews here. In my mind, I figured that while graphic novels certainly could tell a good story and have amazing plots and intricate characters and all that, they weren’t really reading. More than half of getting through one was looking at the pictures, and it seemed to me that if I was to review graphic novels, then I may as well review the latest issue of Reader’s Digest for all the literary worth they held.

I won’t lie. That was arrogant of me. But that’s how I viewed it. I enjoyed the process of reading, and having a story told mostly by pictures just wasn’t the same. It was the same thing behind audiobooks. Sure, I get the story, but I didn’t read the book, and so in a way, it didn’t count.

The jury’s still out on audiobooks. I’ve tried them again and again, and I still can’t bring myself to enjoy them even half as much as I enjoy sitting down and making my eyes scan the text in front of them.

But I’m caving a bit of graphic novels. I’m not going to go out of my way to read and review them, but I am going to include them here when I find something I’ve considered worth reading and reviewing.

And yes, I am including manga in this category. (Partly because manga make up the majority of graphic novels that I read anyway…)

It just seems unfair to continue excluding them. Especially when it’s not like I haven’t made commentary on video games, movies, and TV shows on here. So here’s to a slightly more open mind, and some new literary adventures!

One comment on “Graphic novel reviews

  1. I don't include manga (or the few other graphic novels that I read) in my reading lists or reviews, but I might post about some of them that I really like when I feel like going on a reading marathon someday. I've started buying the reissues of Sailor Moon so I'm sure a post about those volumes will worm its way sooner or later onto my book blog if for no other reason than to serve my fangirling needs.

    I like audiobooks if it's the right narrator. I still count them as being “read” though. Jeremy Irons needs to read more for audiobooks.

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