Back in business

It’s been an adventure. I managed to get to my NaNoWriMo goal in time for Skyrim’s release, and have spent most of my time watching my roommate play it. Seems like an awesome game so far.

ot much reading being done, but I do have a few reviews that have been waiting to be posted, so they’ll be coming up next week.

I’ve had the half-month of being utterly accident-prone and unlucky. Sprained my ankle at work, tripped on a cat toy two days later, slipped on the floor a few days after that, sliced my finger open on my swipe badge for work, and then, on top of it all, on Wednesday I collapsed at work. Had a nice ride in the back of an ambulance with an oxygen tube in my nose and wondering why my blood pressure would be quite different between one arm and the other. I’m fine now, at least as fine as I can tell, and I’ll be seeing my doctor about all this to find out what the heck’s going on with me. Nearly fainting is never a good thing no matter where it happens.

But aside from that, it seems I can start getting this blog back in order. It’ll be nice to get out some new reviews, and to finish up a couple of others along the way.

Boy, it’s good to be back!

2 comments on “Back in business

  1. Welcome back :) My advice to you is:

    Don't play Skyrim. Don't pick it up. Don't even look at it. It'll suck you in and take everything from you until you're nothing but a dried out husk. It's that good. Say goodbye to your life if you start playing it :P

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