Break time

I know I said that I would keep making updates throughout November, even though I’d be busy with NaNoWriMo. Yeah, that prediction was a little, shall we say, optimistic. I’ve thus far managed to read about half a book (and it’s a short book, too), and can’t even think about taking the time to write up reviews when I could be using that time to sneak in precious precious wordcount.

The bad news is that I think I’ll have to go all the way and put the blog on hold until I’ve finished NaNo.

The good news is that I’m aiming to finish by the time Skyrim is released, so that really only means that half the month will have a blog hiatus instead of the full month. More time to write now means I get through it all that much quicker, and can return to having time not only to read but also to actually write the reviews without feeling guilty.

See you all in about a week, and thanks for your patience!

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