Readers writing

I don’t talk about it too much on here, but in addition to being an avid reader, I also write. Not just book reviews and articles, but fiction. I, like many others, hope to have something of mine published someday.

But my dreams of publication are neither here nor there. What is relevant is that this year, as I’ve done in most years prior, I’m participating in NaNoWriMo.

For those who don’t know, NaNoWriMo, better known to participants as simply NaNo, is a writing challenge designed to encourage people to write 50000 words over the month of November. It operates under the principle that a lot of people who write suffer from over-editing, constantly going back and rewriting old scenes at the expense of continuing on with the story, and as such, things don’t get finished. The goal in NaNo is quantity, not quality. Editing comes later. It may sound like an exercise in sloppy writing, but I’ve found it pretty helpful in the past.

Anyway, my point is that in addition to my dayjob and the assorted stuff that goes along with it, I’ll be spending a month with another time-consuming hobby/activity, and so my reading time will be curtailed somewhat. As such, I’m declaring November to be YA Fiction Month here on Bibliotropic, partly so that I can explore a few YA titles that have been languishing on my shelves or Kindle for a while, and partly because they’re quicker reads and I can get through them quicker and still keep up a semi-decent schedule of posts and reviews here.

Is anybody else doing NaNo this year? Maybe we can cheer each other on!

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