Do you remember when I made this post, about the affiliate money that I’d been gradually accumulating thanks to this blog?

Well, the Google cheque came. And was cashed. And now, if you’ll look carefully, you’ll notice that you’re no longer on, but on

That’s right! I took the plunge and got the domain name. And for the curious, yes, it makes me feel disproportionately special. Kind of like watching ones child grow up.

There’ll be more to come, too. I’m going to be fiddling with the layout, doing some redesign here and there. I’m going to spend more of that money on other blog-related things, like some business cards (not that I’ll get the chance to use them for a long time) and putting some money aside for more frequent giveaways and contests. I want what comes out of this blog to go right back into it, one way or the other.

So thank you for helping me get this far, and don’t forget to update your links!

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