In My Mailbox

How’s everybody doing? Get many good books this week? I didn’t get many, but one of them is one which I’ve been anxiously awaiting and counting down the days until I would be able to buy it. I’ll save that one for the end of this post, but I’m guessing those who know me well (I’m looking at you, Mieneke) can probably take a good guess at what that book is.

So, let’s take a look at which books came my way this past week.

Robert Boyczuk’s Nexus: Ascension, Teresa Milbrodt’s Bearded Women Stories, and Michael Rowe’s Enter, Night, all from ChiZine, who have put out some wonderful books in the past and whose publications I find I tend to enjoy. In no small part because they tend to be off the beaten path as far as stories are concerned, taking weird and obscure ideas and allowing light to be shed on them. They’re a great publisher if your tastes run a little to the eclectic side of speculative fiction.

Jennifer Westwood’s The Lore of the Land, subtitled A Guide to England’s Legends, from Spring-Heeled Jack to the Witches of Warboys. This was a gift from my father, after a recent trip back to the UK, and I was so excited when he gave it to me, since folklore and mythology are some of my big interests. I glanced through it, and it seems the legends are organized by location, which will make it that much easier to see what’s to be said about the area I was born in. I’m going to love having this reference at my fingertips!

And finally, the book I’ve been waiting for for so long!

Mercedes Lackey’s Changes, the third and final book of the Collegium Chronicles. I admit, I haven’t even read the second book yet, and most of the reason for that is because I’m doing the Gigantic Valdemar ReRead and I don’t want to have anything be out of order. Since I’m rereading and reviewing the books mostly in the order of publication, it would throw off the whole vibe to read the newer books before the older ones. So this, and the previous one, will continue to wait until it’s their time.

I had to get it now, though, since I prefer my books in the same series to be in the same format. I got the first one in hardcover, so the others also had to be in hardcover. And I wasn’t taking chances on not being able to do that. Even if this has to wait for a few months, at least I know I have a proper collection, the way I like it.

So that’s my haul for this week. I hope you all got some exciting books in your respective mailboxes too. And may this coming week also hold literary fun and awesomeness!

5 comments on “In My Mailbox

  1. Oh, I am sooo jealous! I still need to get and read Intrigues, as I want them all in the same format as well and I started in paperback. But come Christmas!! Can't wait to see what you think ;-)

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