Don’t you hate it when?

My roommate decided, last week, that she wanted to reread the Lord of the Rings trilogy. She’d probably be done them now, really, if we hadn’t run into a little snag: we can’t find the first book. We can find copies of the second and third, but neither of us are sure where our copies of Fellowship are. They have to be around here somewhere, but as to where, who know?

Fastforward to this past Saturday, when we were out running a few errands. One of the stores we visited had second-hand books for a decent price. Even though I have enough books (more than enough, but let’s not go there), I browsed through to see what they had. Covers caught my eye! I called her over! “Quick! Lord of the Rings books here!”

She rushes over and we pull out the books on the shelf to find… books 2 and 3. The first book of the trilogy was nowhere in sight.

Sometimes it seems like the universe conspires against you when it comes to reading material…

3 comments on “Don’t you hate it when?

  1. I work in a used bookstore, and I've observed the phenomenon that we're often out of book 1 and have plenty of the rest. I discover this when I'm helping a customer look for the first one. I can report that far more people come in looking for the first, which probably accounts for why it's often sold out. What that leads me to believe is that far more people start to read the series than bother to read it all the way through. Either that, or it gets lost more, like socks in a dryer.

  2. That seemed to happen to me when I read A Game of Thrones and I could find the whole series that was published to that point except for the second book that I needed to read next. No place seemed to have it.

  3. I have a few series that I re-read on a regular basis and there are 3 that go missing on a regular basis. I guarantee however if you buy the book again the other one will turn up.

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