In My Mailbox

This week’s mailbox was entirely virtual. Not that I mind e-books, of course. Having my Kindle to read on has proved invaluable to me, especially during that time I injured my hand and couldn’t actually comfortably hold open a regular book.

The downside is that the ease of sharing e-books has made it so that I’m really not sure if it’s even possibly to make it through my TBR pile! So many books, so many other things to do in my life that don’t involve reading all that time!

But all that aside, let’s see what goodies I got this week!

Deserter looks like it’ll be a fairly interesting book, and Ragnarok promises to be a swift and entertaining book also.

Dead Bad Things comes courtesy of Angry Robot books (via NetGalley, of course, since I’m not brave enough to ask for their books directly!), and my only disappointment with this is finding out that the description on NetGalley neglected to say that it’s actually the second book in a series. I don’t read series out of order, which means that if I want to read this one (and I do), I’m going to have to find the first book first.

NetGalley descriptions are bad for that. I’d say it’s blatant trickery, not telling people that the book is later in a series so that they end up having to buy the first book or else risk establishing a bad relationship with the publisher, but I honestly can’t say for sure.

There were also four other books I got this week, though none of those have covers on Amazon yet, which is where I normally get the cover images for these IMM posts. In no particular order, these books are: Katherine Govier’s The Printmaker’s Daughter, Gina Damico’s Croak, Robin LaFevers’s Grave Mercy and Mary Thompson’s Wuftoom

Well, that ought to keep me busy for a good long while! What did you get in your mailbox this week? Anything good?

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