Today’s gripings

I’m in pain today, which is probably skewing my perception of these things, but I feel like griping a little, and being kind of snarky. Thus, I present two things I want to say while wearing my ranty-pants:

1) When I see on an author blog that they recommend that writers “higher an editor”, it makes me think twice about reading their books. Seriously, I know that typos get made (I’m not immune to that either), but I’m also not someone currently trying to sell books and give advice to others trying to sell books. I can only hope that the “highered” editor made your word use improve…

2) If you’re going to pitch your book to me in the hope that I’ll read and review it, make sure you know how to correctly spell the names of the authors you’re claiming your book was compared to. When last I checked, “Isac Asimov” and “Margrett Atwood” haven’t written anything I’d give a damn about. Isaac Asimov and Margaret Atwood, on the other hand, are different matters entirely.

3 comments on “Today’s gripings

  1. Yeah, I had a day like this a few weeks back concerning emails sent to us for indie review requests…in which there was zero effort…and I think to myself “Come on! You're trying to sell yourself as an author, put a BIT of effort into your email to us”

    So I totally understand your upset.

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