A change in status

Some of you are aware of this, but for those who aren’t, I’d like to let you know that I am, as of Thursday, unemployed.

It was my choice, though I maintain that I felt somewhat pressured into it. My previous workplace was, to be blunt, terrible. Pay issues, unfair promotions and supervisors, lies, disrespect, and under it all was the feeling of a sinking ship, like we were the rats trying to escape a drowning. I took it upon myself, after a supervisor ragged on me for not working before my shift was due to start (yeah, you read that right), to make the decision to leave.

I’ve got another job lined up, though it won’t start for about another month.

So what does that means for the blog? Well, for one thing, it means a likely return to the pace of posts and reviews that I was able to maintain while I was on leave recovering from injury. I’ll have more free time during the day in which to read, and I’m hoping to return to 3-4 books read and reviewed each week. Barring a bout of extreme apathy, I ought to be able to keep that up.

Which is extra joyous for all those who’ve given me ARCs! I’ll be able to get to them much sooner than I was anticipating!

So until I regain the status of an employed person, sit back and enjoy the content-filled ride! Let’s see just what I can accomplish!

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