Got a Kindle? Get on Lendle!

I discovered Lendle not that long ago, but I’ve already made great use of it. It’s a book-lending site for those with Kindles, and so far it’s allowed me to find a few books I’ve had trouble finding or else can’t currently afford. You make a list of the books that you have on your Kindle (legitimately-purchased or downloaded ones, of course), and the site already has lists of which ones have permission to be loaned and which ones don’t. Then you take a look at what other people have to offer. Find a book you want to read, request it, and then wait for a copy to get to you. It may take a while to get some of the more sought-after books (The Hunger Games trilogy is in very high demand at this time, unsurprisingly), but when your time comes, you get to borrow the book for 2 weeks.

Same thing with any books you lend. They disappear from your library for 2 weeks and get sent to whoever requested it. (The downside is that currently, Amazon only seems to be allowing 1 lend per book, which is kind of a pain, but them’s the breaks.)

More than that, but the site actually allows you to earn a little bit of money for your troubles. Regular users earn 50 cents for each book they lend out, which gets saved up and sent out to you in the form of a $10 gift card once you’ve earned enough. Considering this only required you to lend 20 books, it’s not a bad deal at all!

I highly recommend signing up for this site. It may say that it’s currently only for US users, but so long as the book is available to be downloaded in your area, it seems that there’s no problem with the borrowing system. I’ve borrowed 3 books so far and I’m in in the States, so the rules are a little flexible, it seems.

And if you sign up, feel free to check out my profile to see if I’ve got anything you might fancy!

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