In my Mailbox

(In My Mailbox is a meme hosted by The Story Siren.)

This weekend was the weekend of my local library’s gigantic book sale. I was looking forward to it for months, and then wouldn’t you know it, I competely forgot about it until I was in the area for another reason and saw all the tables lined up with books all over the place.

I didn’t have much money, or much ability carry really heavy loads, but here’s what I came away with. (I had extra good timing because it was about 2 minutes before I reached the table to pay for my purchases that there was an announcement that everything was half price, too!)

Lloyd Alexander’s Prydain Chronicles collection, and Asimov’s Tomorrow’s Children. $1.50 for both of them.

3 John Brunner novels, and a hardcover copy of Windhaven, which I don’t even think I’d heard of before, but when they’re 75 cents each, it’s worth taking a chance!

Less related to stuff you’ll find on this blog are the following books, but I figured I’d include them because I got them at the booksale as well, and they are pretty awesome.

A beginner’s Mandarin textbook, which I’m going to enjoy doing lessons from. My roommate and I shop at the Chinese markets around here enough that we really ought to learn more Mandarin. I know a few basic phrases, but there’s no harm in going further than that, and when I have the chance to do that for only $1.50, it’s like there’s no downside!

This last one I’m just amused at having gotten. It’s Mao Tsetung’s Quotations on Communism. I now have a copy of Mao’s Little Red Book to call my own! The geek in me is pretty thrilled about this, really. I think when it comes to controversial mega-literature, I only need to get Mein Kampf before I can say that I have a good collection.

There should be another IMM coming this weekend, too, and with luck, the one after that. Maybe I can get back in the IMM groove!

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