30 Days of Genre – Day 24

(See the intro post for all the daily themes.)

Day 24 – Favorite classic genre novel.

I think this depends on your definition of ‘classic’. If your definition of classic is Lord of the Rings, then, erm, no, I haven’t read that

But if you define ‘classic’ as something more like well-known and that many people have tried to copy or received heavy inspiration from, and/or has that feel or something that will be around for ages (whether we all want it to or not), I’d have to say that the answer to this question would have to be Robert Jordan’s Eye of the World.

I picked this one not only because it’s the first book of a series so epic it manages to span beyond the death of the original author, but also because it’s got a lot of elements that are so classic as to be overdone. Only at the time this book came out, they might not have been quite so overdone as they are now. The struggle between man and the ultimate evil, the farmboy with a world-changing destiny, the society of magic-users with their fingers in every pie. Who hasn’t seen these elements and rolled their eyes even a little. But yet we still love them, for the most part, and books like The Eye of the World are great examples of how they can actually work.

Besides, I kind of have a soft spot for first books in a series, where you get to see the ordinary beginnings of characters who will one day reshape everything. Not because they give me hope that I can do it myself (I don’t want to change the world, thank you very much), but because it’s fun to see them in their innocence.

One comment on “30 Days of Genre – Day 24

  1. I've read LoTR countless times and the Wheel of Time is the one fantasy series that rivals it (surpasses even) for me. Love Love Love WoT. And I love first books in series too. I haven't done a reread of WoT since probably book 6 or 7 but I'm planning a marathon after the last book comes out.

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