30 Days of Genre – Day 19

(See the intro post for all the daily themes.)

Day 19 – World/setting you with you lived in

Maybe at this point I should just rescind my attempt at not mentioning Valdemar every other day. Because seriously, how am I supposed to answer this question unless I do?

While Valdemar may not be too much better than a lot of other fantasy worlds in terms of technological development or status of women or a lot of the little things that people will look for in an ideal fantasy world. But to me, it’s got a lot going for it, and it feels comfortable. I’d want to live there.

Now, I don’t delude myself into thinking that I’d get Chosen to be a Herald. At best I think I’d be a Healer or Bard, or rely on my backup plan of running off to find the Tayledras. But what that place represents to me is hope. Hope that while many aspects of it still suck as hard or harder than in the modern real world, there’s still a great chance for people to really make something of their talents. It represents the hope that the ruling monarchy won’t be corrupt, because they have moral guardians helping them out. It’s ideal in its acknowledgement that, well, there is no one true way, and that any religion or orientation or path in life is just as valid as the next so long as you’re not being a jerk about the whole thing.

Unlike many fantasy worlds, too, where lack of modern medicine would likely mean that my medical problems would have killed me long before I got to be as old as I am now, Valdemar has Healers, who not only work with herbs and surgery, but also with the Healing Gift that can set bones, combat illness, and generally make life much easier for people who are in need of medical treatment. I still wouldn’t have a fantastic life, but I would stand a chance, and that’s more than I can say for some fantasy worlds that I also enjoy thinking about being a part of.

It may be, in many ways, idealist fantasy, but for a little escapist fun, it’s awesome. I’ve played many role-playing games that take place in Valdemar, because it’s the closest I’ll ever come to actually getting there, and I don’t plan to stop that any time soon.

One comment on “30 Days of Genre – Day 19

  1. I knew it! And yeah all the reasons you cite for wanting to live there are reasons I could have given as well :D You can come borrow books at the library I work at when you attend Healer or Bardic ;-p

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