30 Days of Genre – Day 16

(See the intro post for all the daily themes.)

Day 16 – Genre novel with the most intriguing plot.

This one’s a tie. I tried, but couldn’t make myself choose between these two novels, so they’re both getting a little more time in the spotlight today.

The first one I’d like to mention is N K Jemisin’s The Hundred-Thousand Kingdoms. Aside from building a rich world full of well-developped cultures (something I always love to see done well), what intrigues me most about this one is the interaction between gods and mortals, gods who have no real incest taboo when it comes to love and lust, chained gods forced to serve mortals, and a god dwelling inside a woman who goes through most of her life with absolutely no knowledge of what she carries. It’s a fascinating plot, with plenty of ridiculous yet life-or-death politics to make things just that much more interesting, and while there have been novels I’ve enjoyed just as much or more than this one, this one’s really got it going when it comes to appealing to my pet interests and secret loves.

Sadly, I still haven’t read the sequel, but I hope it’s as good.

The second one in the spotlight today is Skyler White’s In Dreams Begin. This one really just blew me away when I read it, and I still joke that Skyler must have had spies following me around in high school, because at the time, matters of spirituality and the concept of two souls or minds dwelling in one body were topics often discussed by my friends and I. Right down to using similar terminology! It was just mind-blowing to read this book and have pieces of my past come back to me, right there on the page, presented as a love story that transcends time.

Even aside from my own personal interest in the matter (and the time period, since the Victorian era has interested me for years), this was just a really interesting concept to take and run with. What happens when a soul from modernday drifts back through dreams and time to inhabit the body of someone from long ago? It explores the odd practicalities and fantasies of the matter, and I couldn’t help but be intrigued.

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