Smashing Saturday Shorts (11)

Dragonlove, by Mikael Eriksson

Summary: A warrior travels in the wilderness to rescue a woman from a dragon. But who saves whom?

A story about dreams, bravery and love. The castle holds a mystery, but is it really a mystery he wants to solve?

Thoughts: While this story suffered a little for poor word usage and grammatical issues in some places, once you look past that to focus on the story behind the words, you come across a rather interesting piece.

The story is ultimately about a dragon who keeps humans captive by giving them what they want: a beautiful lady to live with an adventure to keep them busy and active. The lady is, of course, the dragon in disguise, and often the adventures involve an attacking dragon. When the humans grow too old, the dragon disposes of them in one way or another, and sends out a calling for a new human to come riding through her forest, one she can keep again and who can entertain her while the years pass by.

It’s an interesting idea, and the way it was told was good enough to keep me reading to the end without experiencing the boredom that I’ve gotten with some of the Smashing Shorts I’ve read in the past. I think if Mikael Eriksson got a good proofreader and editor, he could really have something going here, and could go further than just putting up some free short stories on Smashwords. If you can ignore the language issue (and it’s comparatively mild, really), then I recommend giving this one a chance.

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