Smashing Saturday Shorts (6)

Michael and the Other Side- The Discovery: The First Time, by Kahea Patterson

Summary: This is a story about a young man named Michale who learns about the dream world. He has his first OBE and learns that he can navigate through the dream world.

Thoughts: Wow. I mean… wow. I feel bad giving my opinions on this story, because none of them are good.

First of all, this reads like something I would have written in junior high. Possibly early high school. It makes me wonder how old the author is; their website says they went to university, though, which just, well, makes me feel bad for them. It’s like they have yet to learn that writing for children doesn’t mean you have to write like children.

The plot centres around Michael, a young boy who is experiencing the kind of nightmares where you think you’re awake and calling for help, but it’s all still a dream. Sleep paralysis. His mother tells him he’s having an OBE, or Out of Body Experience, when this happens (uh…) and then tells him to have fun with it by exploring the inner world of his dreams (is he going in or out, then), which is basically lucid dreaming. Not much to it other than that.

The way Michael’s experiences were being explained by his mother, it sounds like the author has read a few new age handbooks and gotten a little confused on some things.

The editing is so-so, the pacing needs work… Possibly if the author worked on writing for a few years and then tried again to make this work, improvement will have been made. But as it stands right now, I can’t recommend this author to anybody. Even the children for whom its apparently intended.

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