Anxiously awaiting…

Though I do talk a lot here and on Twitter about the books that I read, am reading, or am going to read, there are parts of my life that don’t revolve around books. (Shocking, I know!) Happily, most of the things that I’m anxiously awaiting that aren’t book-related fall into a rather geeky category, so I can at least remain a bit consistant with my likes and dislikes.

So without further do, here’s a bit of a rundown on what I’m waiting for in my life, looking forward to the day that it hits shelves or becomes available for public access.

Video games
Pokemon Black.

Yes, that’s right, I still play Pokemon. I’ve been a fan of the games pretty much since the beginning, and I’ve been looking forward to the newest generation of the games since I first heard about the Japanese release date. My copy of Black has been pre-ordered, and I’m going to pick it up next week.

I know I won’t be able to convince anyone that Pokemon isn’t just a kiddie game. In many ways, it is, with its fairly simple design being accessible by younger audiences without problem. The plot of each game, though, has gotten gradually more serious and deeper as the generations went on, to the point where it’s turned from a game where you just mindlessly go around collecting monsters to fight with, into a game that actually has a fairly rich storyline, history, and mythology. It’s pretty interesting, if you look at the continuity.

That, and while the battle structure’s simple enough that children can play, it’s also complex enough that to master it, it takes pretty freaking good math and planning skills. It can be a real bugger if you just go into fights blindly, without paying attention to stat building!

And just in case you think that I only play the real kiddie games anyway, I’m also dead excited about the next Elder Scrolls game being released. My roommate introduced me to Morrowind year and years ago, which I never did beat, but that kept me busy for I don’t know how many hours. Then Oblivion came along, and while I have yet to really pick that up and play it, the amount of times I’ve seen my roommate play the game through and beat it has made me very familiar with the plot, and more familiar with the world in which it all takes place.

So we both spent months checking randomly for release dates, or any information that we could find on upcoming Elder Scrolls games. And happily, we were rewarded by the date of 11/11/2011! And trailers! Oh man, the trailers make this game look absolutely amazing!

November can’t come fast enough.

I mean, what self-respecting geek isn’t looking forward to this movie.

I remember leaving the movie theatre the last time I saw the final Lord of the Rings movie and thinking that it would be really weird the following December, now having a new installment to look forward to seeing. I could look forward to the DVD release, sure, but it just wasn’t the same thing.

And then I heard the rumours that they were looking into making The Hobbit into a movie. And then the rumours that under no circumstance would they be making The Hobbit into a movie. Then more rumours that they were, only the directors were going to be completely different, ones that were attached to movies that I sometimes had very little respect for because they just plain sucked.

Then things all worked out in the end. Or at least, they seem to have. I’m looking forward to buying tickets for this one, because wow!

It’s no surprise why I’m anxiously awaiting this one. The first part of Deathly Hallows greatly impressed me, and returned me to a time where the movies actually matched up fairly decently with the books. This hasn’t happened since, oh, around the fourth movie.

I won’t even speak about the third movie. I want that one to be stricken from my memory forever.

At first I was annoyed that the final installation of the Harry Potter movies was being split into two movies. I understood that since it was such a long and involved book, cramming it into one session might have been very difficult, but I still saw it more as everyone trying to milk the cash cow just a little bit longer. Why give them one when we can give them two?!

Then I saw the first part, and was very impressed with how things were handled. The plot development didn’t feel rushed and cramped. It didn’t have to. It had time to go along at a good pace. It didn’t have to worry about being one of those movies that would only make proper sense to people who had already read the book anyway, as I’d noticed was happening a lot in later Harry Potter movies.

I can only hope that they do the last movie with as much skill as the part that came before it. And I’m very much looking forward to seeing it.

There’s obviously more in my life that I look forward to other than these four things. But if I listed everything on my wishlist, we’d be here for hours. Possibly even days. There’s a lot that I’m looking forward to seeing or playing or just being around for. But the big ones? Yeah, those are listed here. They’re the ones that I’m occasionally dancing around over because the release dates don’t seem to be getting closer fast enough for me!

What about you? What non-bookish stuff are you looking forward to getting your hands on?

One comment on “Anxiously awaiting…

  1. Obviously I am anxious to see The Hobbit! And I'm looking forward to the new video game War in the North that is coming out later this year. I haven't even beat Aragorn's Quest yet though.

    I can't say anything against Pokemon. I still play the Yu-Gi-Oh video games. Since getting a DS I've been buying up all those GBA titles that I've wanted to play.

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