Smashing Saturday Shorts (3) – Part 1

For the Love of Mortals, by M C A Hogarth

Summary: The Le’enle are magical creatures, undying, powerful beyond the dreams of the mortal species they share the galaxy with. But with their powers come responsibilities; visiting a mortal world, Distant Song is confronted with one of those responsibilities, not to abuse her power. Even if it means the storm she does not turn away reaches landfall, and the people living on the coast…

Thoughts: This was an interesting little story that held some promise, but it felt far too short. Like reading an except of a novel instead of a standalone story. I found myself wanting to know more about the world, the people, the Le’enle, the history… And while that does say some very positive stuff about the author’s style and their ability to tell a story, I found it quite frustrating. The story was being told like I should already know Distant Song’s history, the details about the Le’enle and the world they live in and interact with, their powers, all that stuff. Like I said, an excerpt. If it was meant as a teaser to get readers interested in another project that the author’s doing, fine, but greater detail would have been appreciated. Jumping into a world is one thing. Jumping into the middle of a story in progress is another.

There really isn’t too much else to say about this. It was a very short work, the style was smooth but simple, and if the author wrote something longer and more fleshed out, I’d certainly be glad to give it a try.

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