Bloggiesta, yo!

I’ve been seeing this all over the blogosphere since yesterday, and finally my curiosity was piqued enough to go and see what all the fuss was about. And you know what? I signed up.


In a nutshell, what this is is the chance to take a weekend and put some good solid effort into improving this blog. The details are all here, for anybody who’s interested. It technically started yesterday, so I’ve lost some time already, but I have a good few hours today in which I had nothing else planned, so I’m going to put them to good use!

So, what’s going to be done in regard to this blog?

~ Update all my old review entries so that they use the same format I’m using now.
~ Update my reviews on (I’ve been really slack on this).
~ Start up a new weekly feature I’ve been planning.
~ Trim the Google Reader list to get rid of blogs that no longer update
~ Add 10 new bookblogs to Google Reader
~ Make a list of reviews that ought to be rewritten
~ Set up a way for people to subscribe to this blog via email
~ Arrange the e-books on my hard drive into something resembling organized.

I’m not going to say I’ll rewrite all the reviews that need rewriting, but I’ll make a good stab at it. I only have so much time this weekend, and other stuff needs to get done too. But even a little improvement is something, and I’m not going to leave this challenge disappointed that I didn’t get more done; no, I’m going to be proud that I did something, instead of being annoyed that I didn’t do enough.

Wish me luck!

One comment on “Bloggiesta, yo!

  1. Ria-I agree, SEO is somewhat of a mystery to me, and it seems like a lot of it involves PAYING money to someone to help you with it! Good luck on your Bloggiesta!

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